On jeans ...

During the 3+ year life time of this blog, I have worn jeans 329 times.
Almost 1 year = 365 jeans.
One of my goals when creating the blog was to stay away from jeans.
Jeans are an easy to go to uniform.
In fact if you go to a mall and look down, most people will probably
be wearing denim.  Something I just don't want for myself.

Obviously I have failed at staying away from jeans.
So, I checked my closet and counted failures...  almost 20 pairs.
2 Liz Claibornes, 2 DKNYs, 3 Levis, 1 Talbots, about 5
7 For All Mankind,  1 Unionbay, 1 Saltworks, 1 Voyou.
These range from low cut, going through bell bottoms, skinnies 
and on to mom jeans. 

I went back and checked my posts labeled "jeans", all 329 of them.
Only to confirm what I knew, my favorite looks are 
not those where I wear jeans.
I do not look my best in jeans - but gravitate towards them.

So, I picked one pair of jeans... those worn yesterday (See BELOW)
One pair of Voyou low cut skinnies purchased in San Francisco a few years back
and decided to look into each and every time I have worn them
and analyze them. I have worn them about 12 times.

I realized that I never tuck anything into these jeans because they are waaay too low cut, when I sit down 
I have to be careful in exposing any underwear- and have to pull them up all the time.
Right there are 3 no-nos - yet the jeans have been in my closet for years
and I have continued to wear them ( I plead guilty).

I noticed that I usually have to wear them with heels 
because they are a bit long to be worn with flats.

I have worn them to work, protests, baby showers and even the countryside.

Other times, I've had to roll them up, which make me appear shorter than I actually am.

All that being said: I love the fabric and the wash and they are
 one of my very few skinnies.
I know I have other jeans that fit better and that have a nice fabric
and a wash I like.
 I am letting them go.
If I were to put the good vs the bad on a scale, the
bad weighs a lot, lot more - just like in any relationship:
Analyze, evaluate, decide.
Thankfully, it's just a pair of jeans ;)


drollgirl said...

oh jeans. the love/hate thing with jeans. there is nothing like a pair of jeans that fit well, flatter, and are comfortable. i have a drawer of jeans -- probably six pairs or so. i only wear one right now -- i am a little scared to try on the others, but now that it is getting colder i will have to face the music and try them all on!

Judy C said...

I think people associate jeans with having fun and being relaxed and that's why they turn to jeans so often. Maybe you do too.

Mica said...

You are so true about jeans. I wear too many, they are such a failsafe outfit for me, I'm sure I'm guilty of having jeans with more bad points than good too! I'm trying to wear less denim and be a bit more adventurous with my fashion choices as well, but without fail always seem to come back to jeans!

Kristen said...

Wow, that is quite a collection of jeans. I really like these on you; the bootcut is so flattering, and I bet the fabric is nice.

Elegance Personified said...

I actually love jeans on you especially if you wear them with some cute tops & fun accessories. At least you have worn these jeans enough so it's OK to let go.

Some real cute tops in these older posts: red lace top, fuchsia silk camisole, stripped blazer, navy 3/4 sleeve peasant top, navy long flyaway cardigan. =)

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

Yeah, but you dress yours UP! You don't look dowdy wearing them!