November Purchases

Here's what I picked up in November...

A colorful Jones New York printed skirt.

It was a little big, so I had it tailored to fit.

Tailor included, it was 15.00 USD

Anne Klein skirt with pockets for 3.99 USD

A tribal like big summer scarf for 3.99 USD.

New York & Company top for 3.99 USD

White button down shirt from Forever 21 for 15.50 USD

Hello Kitty black and white printed top from Hello Kitty for Forever 21 
for 19.80 USD

Peplum burgundy top on sale from H&M for 10.00 USD

Pink sleeveless button drown from Forever 21 for 17.80 USD.
I fell in love with the shelled collar.

H&M Mint cardigan on sale for 10.00 USD

A white Monteau blazer from TJ Maxx for 16.00 USD

Hello Kitty black and white jacket form Forever 21 for 27.80 USD

Gold dress by Taylor from Ross for 22.99 USD

More houndstooth, this time a dress by Shelby & Palmer for 
14.99 USD from Ross.

The popular blogger necklace that had been on my list forever... finally purchased on line via E Bay for 12.00 USD

Bright beautiful Tommy Hilfiger fuchsia bag for 24.99 USD at Ross.

Maison Margiela for H&M black leather glove bag, 149.00 USD

Black suede pumps from Juicy Couture for 44.99 USD at Ross in Las Vegas.

Blue BCBGeneration wegdes at TJ MAxx for 20.00 USD

Black tasseled loafers from Nine West, from Ross at 25.99 USD

Bandolino burgundy loafers for 15.99 USD at Ross (gift from mom )

Michael Kors brown leather loafers for 34.99 USD in Ross (gift from mom)

I am speechless. I had no idea whatsoever that I had spent this much.
I have been thinking about establishing a shopping budget. I think it's time.

490.93 USD

November Closet Edits

I cannot believe it's already the end of November...
Here are my closet edits:

Black studded tank top by Casual brand.
Worn once. Too short.

Charlotte Russe blue and brown top.
The fabric thinned out. Wore it very little. Gave me no shape.
Looked awful.

Zara Basic black and white top.  It was thrifted, but it was too big - I never
wore it, so I am passing it on to a friend who will make good use of it.
I was kind of surprised this top was actually made in SPain ! 

Tommy Hilfiger brown top, it's got a pronounced cleavage.
It's too snug for me to wear anything underneath it... so I am passing it on.

My brown shirt or dress by
It does not get much wear.. maybe 3 times in 3 years, just not worth keeping.

Let's Play on My Mood Swing red t shirt, it shrunk or I got bigger.

Orange Bella USA top, surprisingly made in USA.
It had fuzzies on the front and it kept riding up my back.

These Voyou jeans had their own post written a few weeks back:
they are low cut, I have to be pulling them up...  and just have to go.

Cherry earrings and blue cord necklace.
Almost never wear them and after wearing the cherry earring recently, I decided they were not my style.

Silver Tours earrings.
They are really small, feel a little child like in them.
Don't get me wrong I love the bear and have other things from them
but I decided to pass these on to my niece.

This adds to ... 119 pieces YTD!


I am the first one to know and
admit when an outfit does not work.

Liz Claiborne Jeans - Charlotte Russe blue top - BCBG blue shoes - Tommy Hilfiger fuchsia bag 

When a garment does not flatter, is ill fitting or 
 something does not look good... 

That is the positive part.
The negative is I still wear it.

End of the day

Usually I take my pictures at the beginning of the day.
But today as you can see, they were taken at home, 
at night when I got home from work.

Red jeans Old Navy - Black tank - Red striped cardigan Exclusive -
Nine West gold flats  - Michael Kors black bag 

As the picture clearly shows, it was a tough day...
I am so beat.

Traveling home

I traveled for two days to get back home...

Gap jeans - MNG Mango sweater -Tommy Hilfiger button down shirt

Albuquerque - Phoenix - Las Vegas.
Slept in Vegas and then the next morning it
was Las Vegas- Houston and then home.

So I got home even more tired than when I left for vacation.
On the bright side, I made eight cents in the slot machines.
Wait.. I lost that too.


First of all I have to say I am not easily amazed.
It kind of sucks because you miss out on enjoying many things.

While in Albuquerque looking for things to do, 
I came across the opportunity of going on a hot air ballon ride.

... and I was amazed.
It was a jaw dropping experience.

We were picked up at dawn by the hot air balloon company 
providing the service and driven to a big parking lot. 
There we saw how the ballon was taken out of the van and 
assembled along with the huge basket.
It was first filled up with cold air provided by huge fans.
We were even allowed to help!
It seemed so simple, scary simple.

However it was done so professionally that never for a moment 
did I hesitate on getting on the ballon.
I mean really think of it... 
it's actually the oldest successful human carrying flight technology.

Bandolino brown boots - Tommy Hilfiger fuchsia bag 

You go up really fast!

It lasted about an hour.
I was sooo excited.
Totally amazed.

Santa Fe

While in New Mexico, everyone asked us if we had been to Santa Fe.

GAP Jeans - H&M Mint Cardigan - Purple sweater New York & Co. - Pink scarf- Black flats Vera Wang Lavender -
Michael Kors black bag  
None of us had.

Everyone kept repeating
"While in New Mexico you have to go to Santa Fe".

So we jumped in a rental van and headed there.

One of the things that I found most beautiful not only in Santa Fe, but in Albuquerque and New Mexico in general was the sky.

Glorious blue, zero clouds.

The most beautiful sky I have ever seen.

Also while walking through the city there are numerous art galleries, 
gift shops, vendors, people selling in the street ... beautiful crafts. 

Also many boutiques and little cafes to eat.

The architecture is totally different from anything I had ever seen.

The entire place is totally unique-

It was a great way to spend the day.

Santa Fe was all I expected.