My dogs like getting dressed up.
Specially Vanilla (in red) who will actually pose for pictures.

Marshmallow (in white) who is a little younger is totally
crazy and will not sit still for a second !

We put the costumes on wrong as Vanilla should be the angel 
and Marshmallow the devil...

I am probably dressing up like Samara from the movie The Ring, just
to get a kick of terrifying kids when they come knock on my door for
trick or treating...

What are you dressing up as ?

Another Altered Item...

This black dress is GO by Target.
I got it about one or maybe 2 years ago, 
price must have been below 10.00 USD.
I wore it twice (according to my blog records ;)
before I realized it needed to be altered.
As you see in above pictures, the sleeves seem big and I really
did not know what to do with them.
I took it to the seamstress who took them in a little on the
side and then shortened them just over an inch.

This is the "after" picture. Maybe it is not that obvious
to you but the feel is much better, it functions so I don't have to
pull, tug or roll the sleeves into place...

So, how is your Saturday coming along ?

Back to normal

I am so glad it is Friday, aren't you ?
Things seem to be back to normal.
DKNY Jeans · Merona top · F21 Cardigan · Anne Klein flats · Tassel necklace F21 · Neiman Marcus tote
I am going to meet a friend for coffee later this afternoon,
I have not seen her in ages, so it should be fun.
I cannot tell you how happy I am this week is over, in fact
I should get drinks instead of coffee.
Yeah, that sounds good: DRINKS.

Thursday: I am beat

Totally beat.
I dragged myself to work today.
I did not even wear any make up.
Nobody said anything, but I am fully aware I have
had better days and that today I look like crap.
I actually threw on a beige cardigan on top of this because 
I felt way too informal.

In fact as I write, I am just falling asleep.
I cannot wait for it to be finally Friday.

Oh, I had a moment with Marshmallow this morning.
She makes me laugh even when she misbehaves - which 
happens almost everyday.

How could I say anything to this furry one ?

What a Wednesday !

I must have been dreaming if I had thought that 
Wednesday would be a little calmer than Monday and Tuesday.
My day began at 6:00 AM, running around, being on time to work,
rapidly rushing into a meeting and then dashing out the door to
heavy traffic and another meeting.

After a lunch meeting we were in traffic again to visit stores.
I cannot believe we got so many things done !
Got back to the office a little after 6:00 pm, just in 
time to check a few emails and then out the door
again for a business dinner.

Even though it was hard work, I really enjoyed it.

I was beat at the end of the day but, 
I loved every single minute of it.

Loved it even though I had blisters at the end of the day :(

Monday and Tuesday at the Beach

Don't get too excited now.
I was working at a beach resort.
Yes, working.

 We had a 2 day seminar to host.

 It was a lot of intensive work. Nonstop.
We had been organizing this event for over 4 months.
· Toi Moi Dress · Melissa red shoes · Neiman Marcus tote · Tiffany key ·

It was two days of running around and trying to get things to 
be the best possible.

It is finally over.
Can you see how happy I am ?

Weekend Wrap Up on Thursday

Just in case you have been wondering...
I have been working my butt off !
Which is why I have not been present at roll call.
Payless wedges - Neiman Marcus black tote - Happy bunny t shirt - cardigan
I will be catching up !
Saturday I went bed shopping and have not found
the perfect bed yet... 
Actually, I have been bed shopping for about 7 months now.
It's so hard to make up my mind.
We hit 6 furniture stores on Saturday, so you 
can only imagine...

Avon Does it Again !

Avon delivers every time.
For me, Avon works.
Their products are affordable and are usually  
very specific on what they will help you accomplish.
In this particular case, I am reviewing a product that
I have been using for a few years now:
Advanced Techniques' Super Straight Smoothing Balm.

I am supposed to have straight hair. 
I say am "supposed" because of the humidity it is really hard to control.
I apply this light, odorless balm as soon as I finish towel drying my hair.
From roots to end.
It does not make it greasy or sticky it blends in perfectly.
Then I either let it air dry or I blow dry it.
Of course when I blow dry I get better results,
 but I don't blow dry it that often.

This is how much I apply.
I am telling you this product works wonders.
Well, at least it does for me.
That tube has 150 ml worth of product which 
will last you a long time.
Have you tried this product ?

Pink Friday Polo

It's been a pink week... a busy one too.
Boss in town, a lot of events going on at work and 
juggling to make sure it's all perfect.
Next week will be beyond busy, I cannot even
begin to tell you.

But, today is Friday.
I am so looking for this day to be over so I can go 
grab a drink or two ...

Throughout the week I have been telling you about
people in my life that have been affected by cancer.
At the end they are little success stories about both, men and
women that have been able to conquer cancer -so far- and move on.

Today I will tell you about my MIL.
She is almost 60, mother of 3, just about to retire.
She has been battling breast cancer for almost 13 years, on and off.
It has come back 3 times.
She is a calm woman, sweet and peaceful.
Her condition is unpredictable, now the cancer is 
in her lungs and most of her liver.
It's been a tough couple of years.
A lot of ups and downs.

If you saw her, you would never even think she was sick.
She tries hard, really hard to keep herself together.
She always smiles and has something pleasant to say.
Of course she breaks down sometimes,
it's only normal.
I think her attitude has a lot to do with her
coping with the disease, she has decided to fight.
She has the attitude of a winner.

Pink Thursday

This week I am incorporating pink into my 
wardrobe with 
the objective of creating awareness.

I am also taking a moment to tell you about friends
or family members who have been touched by cancer.
Her name is Jessica and she is 37 years old.
She is an events manager at a hotel.
Last night we had pasta at her house.
We have been friends for about 20 years.
She found out she has breast cancer about one year ago.
Jessica had her regular check up and something came up.
The Doctor ordered a biopsy.
The biopsy came out negative BUT, her Doctor insisted she 
had whatever it was in there taken out.

When she went to get her biopsy stitches removed, the Doctor
gave her the talk: her results had come back and they were positive.

She has already gone through chemotherapy and tomorrow 
is her last session of radiotherapy.
She is still wearing her wig, has changed her eating habits 
and she is doing well.
I think one of the reasons that have helped her cope
so well is that she has a lot of faith which has provided her a lot
of comfort and her family, specially her mother
has been a true angel.

Pretend it's Wednesday

Let's pretend its Wednesday, Pink Wednesday.
Following another blogger's idea, pink should be
worn to create awareness.
Breast Cancer Awareness.
In addition to wearing pink I will tell you about someone
in my life who has had to face cancer.
Skirt J.Jill
She is originally a friend of my H's. 
Clarissa is a 39 year old psychologist who is a university professor.
She is so active I cannot even begin to tell you.
She makes time for everything, exercises like an 
olympic athlete and was diagnosed with breast cancer
mid last year.
After a mastectomy and full reconstruction, she has 
tackled this disease and fought like the champion she is.
She JUST finished her treatment and is probably already
back in her spinning classes.
Which reminds me that I should give her call,
just to check up, see how she is doing.
Remember that: cancer patients as anyone going through a disease
or a rough patch, need all the support they can receive, so
yes, make that call !