Pretend it's Wednesday

Let's pretend its Wednesday, Pink Wednesday.
Following another blogger's idea, pink should be
worn to create awareness.
Breast Cancer Awareness.
In addition to wearing pink I will tell you about someone
in my life who has had to face cancer.
Skirt J.Jill
She is originally a friend of my H's. 
Clarissa is a 39 year old psychologist who is a university professor.
She is so active I cannot even begin to tell you.
She makes time for everything, exercises like an 
olympic athlete and was diagnosed with breast cancer
mid last year.
After a mastectomy and full reconstruction, she has 
tackled this disease and fought like the champion she is.
She JUST finished her treatment and is probably already
back in her spinning classes.
Which reminds me that I should give her call,
just to check up, see how she is doing.
Remember that: cancer patients as anyone going through a disease
or a rough patch, need all the support they can receive, so
yes, make that call !


KATHY said...

Buenas tardes divina!!
ahhh que pollera linda...bien para el veranito!!
siempre vos con su cartera amarilla...
besos !!!

Iris said...

That skirt is awesome and to think that you didn't know who J Jill was a few weeks ago!