Wednesday.. and everyones sick !

Seems like every one is out sick !
The flu or whatever you want to call it has invaded my workplace.
I am just waiting to be the next one.... 
We have had thunderstorms, showers, 
hot as hell days and then more rain.
It was so hot last time it rained I could see the 
steam coming from the street... yikes !
On this windy morning that seems to be a rainy one, I wore:
- Grey skirt Casual brand
- White ruffle tank top Forever 21
- Pink and white polka dot cardigan Forever 21
- Black and grey patent flats
- Straw mini bag (gift from boss)
- Pearl bracelet and necklace by Tous 

Commander in Chief

I feel like I am in charge today !
But, trust me, I am not.
Well, maybe I am in charge of what I chose to wear !
(Does that even count ?)
ENC White blazer - Solutions white bermuda shorts
I went to Zara yesterday and they had a sale.
I did not buy anything as all I saw was
pretty much nautical.
As much as I love nautical I know I have stuff in my closet that
resemble and can pull off the look.
SO that, I tried today.
White is always a good start while creating the sailor look 
so I chose this white jacket and pants. 
These have been in my closet for at least 5 years and I paid no 
more than 6.00 USD for each piece.
The red top has also been in my closet for at least 7 years.
The brand is Carven and this top is just
so comfortable !
The shoes you have seen before. 
They are striped red, white and blue
from Lela Rose's collection for Payless and the bag
is my old yellow Lulu bag.
The last thing I put on was my gold plated coin pin.
I had been looking for a vintage sweater guard for sometime.
I mentioned it to my great aunt and she pulled this out of her trinket box.
It use to be my aunt's, who passed away from cancer a few years back.
Unlike yesterday's look, 
today I feel fresh, young, comfortable 
and even pretty !
Oh, how I wish I could look like this everyday!

Another Monday: Inspired by ...

This week I felt inspired by this simple Pink Tartan look !
Before black and white were the only colors I would go for, 
so this was an effortless one to pull off.

- Black and white skirt Zara
- White top
- Black felt belt
- Pearl, swaroski and ribbon bracelet (gift) 
- Straw bag (gift from boss)
- Silver and black flats (Berlin)
I am not loving this skirt.
I am not sure I have worn in on this blog...
It is a size L and it's poorly altered at the waist by me.
Not certain if I should keep... what do you think ?

Weekend Wrap Up

Here's my weekend recap, 
my 48 hours of freedom, 
or so I want to think !
We were invited to a tropical theme 
60th birthday celebration, to which I wore:

- Long purple dress Cherish
- Bandolino animal print sandals
- Yellow patent clutch
- Gold toned bracelets and necklaces

On Saturday:
We went to get my car's soft top checked at another place 
(not the dealership) 
to get a second opinion on how to repair it, also for a better price.
Nope, its not happening, apparently I am going 
to have to dish the cash out.
Does anyone know what GLUE holds together the glass and the soft top?
Anyone ?
While doing this I wore:
- Zenana Outfitters dress
- Bandolino fuchsia sandals
- Lulu brand yellow bag
- Colorful bead ring and bracelets

Finally Sunday.
I don't even know where to begin, my Sundays are far from
what I wish they were.
For over a year now every single one of them has been spent
with my H's parents (except when I have traveled).
Its taking a toll on me and one of these days I am
going to explode.
- Levis Jeans Reissue Sandybell
- Flower top by ISIS Los Angeles
- White Sandals from Peru
- Lulu yellow bag 
- Rhinestone hoops
- Extra large ring (gift from Julissa)

So, how was your weekend ?

WTF: Who needs foundation ?

Yes, who needs foundation ?
Can someone answer that question for me ?
I am talking about foundation as in make up for covering up blemishes,
for setting a clean canvas for the application of make up and such.
I came across this and find it a little disturbing.
I can almost see this photograph accompained
by a letter that heads something like this:
"Dear Santa" 
WTF ???

Have you tried Trussardi Jeans perfume ?

Well, it's actually an eau de toilette.
 I am certain that you must have heard the Trussardi name.
When I received this fragrance the name automatically lead me
to think of: fashion, design and Italy.
It also lead me to think I had not heard of them in 
quite a long time.
(BTW I googled them and came up with interesting collections...)
I began wearing this Trussardi Jeans for Femme just last week.
It's crisp, light and subtle.
Something you can wear every day.
Also, no doubt that it is for a woman on the go.
I like it and so does my H.
As I say: the brands that get the most advertising are not always 
the best ones, it just means they have more budget.
So, if you are in a store and happen to come across 
Trussardi Jeans Pour Femme, you have to try it !
It might become your signature fragrance.

For the Love of Bags !

Last Saturday I posted about bags and my love for them.
The last question was:
" How many bags do you own ? "
Well many of you took the time to share that information, which I now 
share with the rest of you.
To be honest, I was kind of surprised...
Meli22: 3 bags
Iris: Over 50
Carla: A little over 10
Jane: Too many
KP: 5 or 6 
Sheila: About 20
LyddieGal: 11 at sight and 20+ hidden in closets and drawers
Jan: Was going to count them and some of us did not know.
When I wrote the post, I had no clue how many bags I owned.
Well this morning I counted.
My estimate was somewhere around 30.
So I went to the chest (below) where I keep some of them and 
began to count.
And continued to count in the guest bedroom 
where now some of them are hung.
I felt a little ashamed.
I am not letting my H know this number.
No, no, no - it could be used against me!
I have a total of 51 bags including the one I am currently using.
My bags range from less than 5.00 USD items 
to others that cost hundreds of dollars.
The funny thing is that the cheap ones are the
ones I use the most.
The expensive ones I have not worn in over a year.
I just realized that...
which is one of the reasons I blog.
You find stuff about yourself that either others point
out or it is just revealed to you !

The Mirror Lied

I could have sworn this looked ok this morning as I looked in my bedroom mirror.
But, apparently the elevator mirror was the one that broke 
the news to me: not so.
I was already on my way out and its Friday and half of the staff in my 
office is out, so I did not care to go back and change.
I thought I had it going with the Forever 21 white tank with ruffles, Sawary beige striped cropped jacket, Qupid animal print shoes and zipper cuff...not.
Sometimes there is other stuff in my mind that is more
important, like my landlady issue.
It's still not resolved, it keeps me awake at night.

Is there anything keeping you awake at night ?
How do you deal with it ?

It's only two of us...

Today at work there was only two of us.
Some are traveling, others are out on vacation, 
others called in sick.
Can you believe that ?
Anyways, today I wore flip flops to work as I scheduled a 
pedicure at lunch time.
I have a party to go to tomorrow and was not able to book my usual
7:00 AM manicure and pedicure appointment,
so hopefully I will be ready for tomorrow.
- Jeans MNG
- Light turquoise Tank
- Cardigan DKNY Pure
- Padded bag Marc Jacobs wanna be
- Silver toned flower bib necklace and earrings
- Sequined flip flops (I have had these for ages)

The World is Such a Small Place !

I was on the phone with a company in Monroe, CT. 
Needless to say it was a work related call. 
In the middle of the conversation the guy on the other side 
asks me if I am the same person that gives free travel advise 
on a website.... ha ! happens I am.
How weird is that ?
Indeed the world is a small place.
Getting down to business, today I wore my striped 
Isaac Mizrahi Target dress, last seen here.
One of the things I am trying to do is NOT wear my 
clothes the way I am used to.
Meaning that I am to wear my clothes and accessorize
them in a different way- to get out of that comfort zone 
where we choose garments that work almost as easily as uniforms.
For a change, I picked up the navy ribbon yesterday afternoon with 
the idea that it would give it a sailor feel.
- Red and white striped dress Isaac Mizrahi for Target
- Blue suede shoes Dani Black
- Padded bag Marc Jacobs wanna be
- 2 yards of navy blue ribbon for 1.60 USD
- Gold toned hoops
Do you tend to grab the same items over and over 
and style them exactly the same ?

Woke up 15 minutes to 8 AM

How is that for beginning your day ?
Woke up 15 minutes before 8 am 
and I had to be at work at 8:30 AM.
Talk about being late, I am not certain I showered correctly,
but here's what I looked like:
- Flower dress (gift from grandma)
- Pink polka dot and lace cardigan Forever 21
- Brown heel sandals Kenneth Cole Reaction
- Padded bag Marc Jacobs wanna be
I know what you are thinking, how did I manage to 
not be late and take pictures ?
I am guessing its because I put together what I was going
to wear last night and also skipped washing my hair.

Maybe if I jump I can get to work quickly ?

Feeling Pretty in Vintage

I was given an invitation to the inauguration of a religious museum.
The inauguration was last night - what would I wear ?
To my head only came one dress I could possibly wear:
This vintage NIGHT GOWN, yes, as in pijamas.
Why not ?
This old beauty was given to me my by great aunt who is almost 86.
It was given to her almost 70 years ago and it use to be long, 
but for some reason she cut it along the way and never hemmed it.
When this dress was given to me sometime last September it 
was unfinished and the cut off part was still in the bag.
All it took was a hand wash and hemming done by a 
seamstress and voilá!
I added a slip in order to avoid it being too see-through.
I felt like a queen I think others believed so too because
even though I was a little late to the inauguration they found 
a seat for me a couple of rows behind where the first lady was seated.
Back to the dress, what you see is the original zipper, there is no 
label on it and the store that sold it still exists!
If you look at the satiny fabric up close you will find tiny holes 
and parts that seem like rust.
I wore this vintage dress with:
- Jade and pearl ring Chadwicks online
- Pearl earrings
- Red jelly and fabric shoes by Melissa (Brazil)
- Padded bag Marc Jacobs wanna be 
Oh, and before I let you go (yes I am aware its been a long 
post and you need to get going) I took a few shots of the venue.
The museum is inside a 1600s church which for the Americas is ancient, remember we are not talking Europe here.
Above are the floors which are beautiful hand painted tiles - 
I wish I could take them home.
Another interesting fact, well at least for me is that my 
great grandmother married here which is fascinating !
Anyways, the church will also be taken back to how it 
was originally.
The building has been through two fires and even a war, 
so it's pretty solid construction.