What do you smell like these days ?

I am currently wearing ROMEO GIGLI perfume.
I know many of us get carried away by all the advertising and gift with  purchases many brands have to pull you into buying their product, but you have to give other brands a chance!
Or do you want to go into a party and smell like everyone else ?
Don't be afraid to try other fragrances that are not so recognized, you could be surprised.
In my case, this italian fragrance is just perfect for me.


Bombshellicious said...

I like to wear at the moment Sunshine Fragrance by Clarins its a really uplifting smell and makes me feel happy for some reason xx

Jane W. said...

I smell like Tom Ford's Black Orchid. My other favorites are 24 Rue Faubourg by Hermes and Sublime by Jean Patou.

Sheila said...

I actually don't wear any fragrance at all. I have a few perfumes but I don't wear them except for maybe a party or some special occasion.

I use lavender body wash, does that count? :)