Vacation to Morocco's Heart: Marrakech

Last week after spending a couple of days in Madrid we had our dream of visiting Morocco come true.
It takes over 15 hours to get from where I live to Morocco, it also takes a $$ ticket and a tourist visa. So, it's not easy.
My H and I tried to go last year but an additional perk to get the visa was that we had to travel to another country to get it as there is no Embassy/Consulate here... 
We had a good time, learned much, eyes were wide open, we came across extremely nice people... here is some of the things we saw:

 amazing craftmanship

The pool view in our Riad

The best breakfast ever...

Unimaginable spices

Rose, lavender, chamomile 

Gorgeous nature, the Atlas... just a reminder of how small we are

Everyday Coca Cola written in another language

Windows I wanted to peek through

Loui, whom I would have preferred to see in a classroom

The tent we slept in one of our nights in the desert
The camels that patiently took us across the desert to M'hamid

What a wonderful animal this is, there is so much wisdom in their walk

A lazy cat and a floor tile that is artwork to me
Everyday things, like this window are worth looking at more than once
My feet in the sand....grounded, as close to the earth as I can be

Sand dunes... the perfect place to clear your head.. but, not your hair!

An amazing place to visit.... Morocco !


Sak said...

It is so such an amzing place..

Leah said...

Marrakech is my most fave place in Morocco. Did you went exploring the souk? Gosh, I bought tons of stuff there.

Have a great day! xoxo