From the Beach to the Theatre

I went to the beach this weekend, to my aunt's house where we had a family gathering. 

These gatherings do not happen often, only when the elder ones from the family are in town...
While we were at the beach walking the dogs we heard the terrible news that someone had drowned. 
Actually two people had drowned, one of them was still seen floating...
Apparently the guys had been drinking and there was a warning not to go into the water because of high tides and expected 16 foot waves. 
Happens I had not seen the news and there were no warning signs on the beach.

I was awestruck the entire day. 

Wore to the beach a light dress that I later paired with a cardigan and flats to go to the theatre.
- Volar brand sleeveless dress
- Gold flat gladiator like sandals (gift from Mom)
- Yellow tote bag

- Volar brand sleeveless dress  
- Tommy Hilfiger brown suede flats with gold buckle
- Yellow tote bag

- F21 Beige Cardigan


Penny said...

That dress is sooo wonderful and apparently, very versatile...which is what EVERY girl needs!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...


Lorena said...

Thank you ladies, the best part about the dress is that I paid one entire US Dollar for it!