One Monday morning in the Balcony

This Monday morning as I looked out the window I wondered what the day would bring.
We are getting sunny mornings and afternoon showers or the exact opposite.
So, regardless of the weather or my office temperature, I chose to wear:
- David N. wool skirt
- White sleeveless ruffly blouse
- Nine West burgundy heels (bought somewhere in Pottomac Mall)
- Short Burgundy cardigan
- Neiman Marcus brand black patent tote (gift from mom)
- Silver vintage like earrings with garnet (gift from friend Ely)

I took these pictures before going to work this morning as I stood in my tiny balcony. 
I love plants and would love to have a garden, but in the meantime I have my tiny balcony which I seriously need to work on....  


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the combination of black, red and white and a knee length skirt. A lovely ensemble and perfect for variable weather. Are you joining the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge?

Lorena said...

Thanks, YES! I am in on the Wardrobe Challenge!!!

Penny said...

Oh, I love that sweater!

hillary said...

erm I think I lost my comment.

This is quite lovely. I think thats what I said.

Lorena said...

Thank you, wearing this made me feel so girly and pretty I could make a uniform out of it...