The Frenemy

Striped grey dress Gap, other striped dresses here, here - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors, almost identical
Hand bag tote Southport Avenue by Kate Spade, another color - Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti, similar

Vintage flower print scarf Saks Fifth Avenue, identical - Mirror pendant necklace Forever 21, identical

A few days ago I read Ally's post on toxic relationships we may have with out closets. It resonated with me, I accept having emotional attachment to some items. I was able to identify some of those toxic garments in my closet, as seen earlier with "the critic"the backstabber""the leech" and the "hot one". Today it's all about the frenemy.

As Ally best says, "the frenemy" is a garment that "seems like a good buy, but it always screws you over". That piece that is practical and looks good but at the same time embarrasses you and lets you down.

We all have frenemies. In the closet and outside. 

One of my closet frenemies is this striped tee shirt dress. It can get clingy and emphasise problem areas. It rides up and shows more that its supposed to. 

I want to think this dress was really a friend once and that after several washes it shrunk or that maybe it was my fault it did not fit as well because I gained weight. 

Whatever the reason, our current relationship is not working for me, so I am setting it free to roam in someone else's closet. I've got other dress friends.

Any frenemies in your closet come to mind ?


Sheila said...

Oh, I am very familiar with the frenemy! Those don't last long in my closet. I love this outfit, overall - that coral red is so pretty on you.

Have a wonderful weekend, Lorena!

Mica T said...

You'd never know all that from the photos !I think it's a lovely dress, and I like how you've accessorised it here. It just goes to show that the way you feel in something will always be more important than how it photographs!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far! :)

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