October Closet Editions

There are many things I have lost track of these months.
Edits might be one of them, but like everything else, 
I hope to get back on track.
These Jones New York sunglasses have been around for years, I stopped wearing them 
as I have been drawn to larger oversized sunglasses. I sold them :)

Chinese overalls purchased in May 2019  and worn about 5 times. I sold them as the fit was not the best and I own another two pairs overalls, plus I made a small profit. 

I also edited my ted kimono made by Lucca, it had been around since at least 2012. 
Worn about six times in 8 years, it was a garment that I wore the same way over and over, there was no more fun in it, so I sold it.

My vintage red, orange, black, blue vintage scarf got very little wear so I sold it and made a small profit. 

Then there was the red, white and blue retro dress, I never did a closet addition post as I was unsure about keeping it from day one, so I sold it with a small profit. 

Also edited and sold were this black vintage Italian top and this grey scarf, 
both gifts that were never worn. 

Seven items edited in one month, all sold.


Sheila said...

Well done! I've been very lax about editing, as I'm suddenly feeling very attached to things due to the pandemic. I'm really trying to use what I've got.

Anonymous said...

The kimono is very pretty. I like the gray top and scarf too. I am slow to edit. I nearly always give items a 2nd chance which usually works out for me. Lise