Terrible hair day

Pleated dress Forever 21 - Black vintage Paloma Picasso Bag

Black block heel flower print shoes Zara

Lately I have a lot of those: terrible hair days. 

Happens I have not colored my hair since March and it's gotten awfully difficult to make it look neat - while I am not sure if I am going to keep this look, it is what it is now. 


Sheila said...

I just recoloured mine today - I have so much white, but I only do it a pastel so it plumps it up nicely. This dress is a gorgeous colour on you.

Anonymous said...

Very French, a messy up do. :) Lise

backinstyle said...

I love this dress, it is a gorgeous color on you! A pony tail is your best friend for long hair on a less than perfect hair day. I have not been able to get a salon haircut since before Covid, and have been cutting it myself 😱(with the help of You tube videos). Can't wait until I can get it cut professionally, again!