New in the closet for July

We start off my July purchases with a vintage necklace from the 50's by Sarah Coventry. I was originally going to sell it but I am keeping it for now, it was 14.00 USD.

A pair of sunglasses by Francois Pinton 90.00 USD, a purchase I am regreting.*

A pair of vintage Monet gold and bone enamel chain link clip ons.

*Not pictured.

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Sheila said...

$90 seems high for sunglasses, but that is balanced by all the amazing things you find for pennies!

I know Sarah Coventry! I have a few pieces. They were like Avon or Tupperware: you bought these pieces through house parties with samples and you ordered them at the party. I see lot of "Sara Cov" at the vintage fairs - it's not very valuable, but the pieces are fun.