July closet edits

Most of the items I have edited from my closet I have sold on my IG account. 

This month it started with a ceramic lighthouse pin which I barely wore and was always concerned would break. Then there was the bronze hourglass pendant, which I bought, wore 4 or 5 times and then just never wore again.


The mirror pendant was a 2011 purchase, I was in Washington DC and picked up several pendants on chains, I chose to get rid of this one as I have not worn it in ages, made a small profit. 
The other 3 tier necklace was a gift and I just have not worn it in so long I chose to let go and sold it.


This pearl necklace / belt with ribbon has been around for years, at least 15 years, I recall going back and fourth on buying it was it was not cheap. I do know that I did not wear it much and it made no sense to keep holding on to it.

At the end of 2019 I had a trip to Mexico and did some vintage shopping, I acquired these wooden disc earrings and for some reason I chose to resell them. I hope I do not regret it.


This long houndstooth print scarf has been in the closet since at least 2010, while I am not 100% sure, I think it was purchased in an airport, probably on my way to a Caribbean Island. 
I have no idea how much it cost but I already sold it.

The Missoni like dress was a thrift find that I wore to cents per wear and then sold ;)


The black, grey and white BCBG Max Azria blouse was a purchase from November 2019, must have been somewhere around 5.00 USD, I wore it a few times but it was a bit big so I sold it.

The two silver tone cuffs were picked up at a yard sale in December 2017, the last yard sale I attended as they are not common here. I sold them as I did not wear them much and guess what? 
Apparently they were silver. 


This Calvin Klein button shirt I originally bought to sell, but I wore it a few times while it did sell.
A grey oversized scarf that was a birthday gift and I never wore.

This black textile flower necklace dates back to at least 2009, I wore it at least 6 times, 
thought it was time to let go, it's actually been sold. 


Then there was a brown vintage velour suit I wore briefly and horribly made by Innocense purchased in March 2018 and just worn twice.


A bright pink Bandana Isaac Mizrahi for Target dress.

Two beaded necklaces, one orange, one turquoise, I had purchased and did not know 
if I would resell or keep, I resold. 

16 items in one month.


backinstyle said...

I hope you are doing well, and are enjoying your new home, Lorena! You seem to have the magic touch when it comes to editing and selling-good for you! I love the hourglass pendant and the bright pink bandana dress is so cute. I don't think I would be able to part with them. Being home bound so much, now, makes time for wardrobe evaluation-but I am having a hard time picturing what to edit since what we will be dressing for in the future is so uncertain!

Mica said...

Its's great you are doing so well with downsizing! I have bought quite a few things this month and I confessed to hubby I may need to buy more hangers for my wardrobe - I have tried to take a few things out but with only 2 things removed and 5 things added it's not the right kind of ratio I need haha!

Hope you had a great weekend :)

Away From Blue

Sheila said...

Good for you for clearing out old stuff and making money off it by selling it, Lorena! I remember some of these things, ha ha!

Lydia said...

Ah I love your fun pendants, though I understand why you let them go. I have a camera pendant, pocket watch pendant, small glass bottle pendant - none of which I've worn since probably 2013?