November Closet Editions

Lately my closet edits seem to have decreased, something I am not proud of.

This Milani mustard blouse was a friend's closet edit this same time last year. I kept it for myself and wore it 5 times in one year, then realized that the underarms were stained. Off it goes. 
Also out the door is this cool black print Style Mafia ruffle neck blouse purchase for 8.50 USD in October 2018, worn 3 times since then, taking cost per wear to 2.85 USD, I always had to out a pin on the front button fearing it would pop, felt awkward so I chose to sell it, in fact it's already in a new home.


Then I edited shoes, specifically flats. First up my zebra print flats from Sperry Topsider purchased at the end of 2017 for 16.05 USD worn just 9 times, cost per wear 1.78 USD, had to let them go because the leather ripped.

My Isola burgundy bow flats were a purchase from New York City in February 2012, paid 7.00 USD, wore at least 21 times, less than a dollar per wear, they lasted 8 years in the closet! 
Grey perforated Dr. Scholl's shoes were amazing. I am going to miss this pair, SO COMFORTABLE, worn at least 41 times since September 2017, I got them for 21.40 USD at 0.52 cents cost per wear !


I also got rid of items that use to be black and that I tried to dye but failed at doing so: black pair of Mossimo cropped trousers and a black Leith sweater. Then my black Burberry skirt which I had purchased at the amazing price of 16.05 USD in February 2018 was just worn once. It was too big and I refused to having it altered so I sold it for a profit, it now hangs in a Doctor's closet. 


Also out of the closet this month is the  Lumina dress just purchased in Florence, Italy for 15.00 USD, I wore it once and realized it was too big and I chose to sell it because I do not have time for taking it to be altered and I did not love it that much. It's been sold ;) 
Another item I chose to sell was this murano hat pin, it was too heavy and I have too many pins, its been sold to a Colombian fashionista. 
Also my silver shorts, I bought them in October 2018 and never wore them. So I sold them.


The Eline Marimekko dress I purchase recently I also got rid of, the shape was not for me and the colors seemed to wash me out, I sold it with a profit after wearing it twice. The there is the purple vintage dress I also got recently, I did not feel it fit well so I am trying to sell it. 


Twelve items in November, how are your closet edits coming along?


Mica said...

You did well! I did a little declutter of my wardrobe before and after Christmas - I put a bag of donations together for the opshop and then once I got all my velvet hangers for my wardrobe I spent an afternoon after Christmas going through and making sure I only hung up stuff I really liked! I didn't count though but I don't think I got rid of as many as 12 pieces, haha!

Hope that your week is going well :) It's a busy week here as it's my first week back at work after the Christmas break! I've got what I wore for Christmas up on the blog now.

Away From Blue

Sheila said...

I've been editing too - things were starting to look crowded in the ol' closet. I think I'll be doing another home closet giveaway in April once I've swapped over to my spring/summer stuff.