October Closet Edits

My October closet edits included all kind of items, here's what left the closet:

Gucci peep toe heels purchased in June 2018 for 21.40 USD, worn just twice. They were a bit tight and I chose to let go and made a tiny profit.

Also out of the closet is this Furla mini patent black bag I bought in September 2018 for 12.85 USD, worn at least twice I chose to let go because the patent leather got sticky very quickly and it needed to be used frequently and that is too much maintenance for what I can offer. So I sold it for a profit.

Another item out of the closet is this French vintage long short sleeve blazer by Sonia K. Purchased in October 2018, I wore it twice and decided that it was not fitting in a way that I truly loved, even though I got lots of compliments.  It also required extra care because of the fabric so I sold it for a profit. 

I also let go of this bright yellow Vince Camuto blouse hand me down that I wore twice and realized the underarms were stained. Also let go of a pink tee shirt no brand that I wore four times and took to 0.25 cents per wear but it was clingy so I chose to let go. 


Also a white men's button shirt by Ascott Chang worn twice but I realized it I was not getting the oversized look but it just looked too big. Took it to 3.50 USD cpw and passed it on to my husband. Another item I chose lo let go is this Tortoli top by Silvia Tcherassi with guitar prints, the neck area is boatneck but too wide and my bra strap kept on showing and it was too long, so I sold it with a profit.

A tie dye vintage colorful silk scarf purchased for 3.21 USD wore briefly and sold for a profit. 

At least 8 items this month.

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Sheila said...

I like how you know the WHY of every item - it shows me that you are concise and decisive in your thinking. I love that unusual blazer, but I get that it's just not quite right for you. I'm glad you're selling your stuff off and making money from it! Way to go.

PS - I saw your comment about only a few days left with your coworkers. I'm so sorry - this must be such a difficult time, Lorena. Thinking of you, my dear.