August Closet edition

Here is what I edited this month, most were worn that one last time but this did not pass the test.

Starting with this teal zip tank top from Forever 21, worn just two or three times. By now I should know anything that zips up at the front is not something I go for. The dead stock DKNY jeans were also edited. It was a true fail because I had actually paid for alterations but after two wears, they were not doing any real contribution. So off they go.

Now, these two dresses. The red zig zag dress by Isaac Mizrahi and a polka dot dress by American Living purchased in 2015. Worn once to a cocktail (no picture taken) it felt snug and I just gave up. Check this picture out, its the one where the two marvellous ladies that I attended a swap with are wearing the above dresses! Aren't they just fab?!
My white Uniqlo culottes which I gave away at the swap after a 0.53 cent CPW. Two pieces from Gap: grey striped dress and a green gingham button down shirt. One I passed on to a friend and the gingham shirt was swapped ! 

This is the most disappointing edited item: MOSCHINO LOVE quilted black bucket bag purchased in July 2016 for 123.05 USD, it got about 64 wears. 

After wanting this bag for so long, I fell for it in 2013. Since then I wore it about 56 times and that was it. By then I had fallen for yet another brown Coach tote bag, a CH Andy bag, a vintage Moschino and so on. I have not wanted to do a CPW on this item, but it was consigned and I've yet to know if it sold.  
Also gone is my brown wallet, it was also consigned. I had it for over ten years so I am sure I got a fab CPW.

I also got rid of 3 pairs of shoes: Black ankle wrap Wendell shoe from Vince Camuto, taken to 0.95 cents per wear. Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti, 0.43 cents per wear. My handmade Silk on Shoes colourful flats purchased in Turkey in May 2013, for about 30.00 USD worn at least 29 times (1.03 USD per wear.

Also out of the closet my white Kate Spade mother of pearl sunglasses, purchased in 2015. for 96.00 USD, worn about 14 times. Sold for the 90.00 USD, 0.43 cents per wear.

Not pictured but also out of the closet: White eyelet Mango MNG dress seen here and Gucci tencel chambray jeans sold for 55.00 USD (not pictured). 

A total of 16 items.

Fantasy vacation

Jeans H&M, similar - Striped cashemere sweater (no brand), another option here
Black tote bag Furla 
Green statement necklace, Luxe option here
Vintage gold emerald and diamond art deco ring, another emerald beauty
Emerald green velvet loafers Zara, here almost identical
My vacations are long overdue. In fact I have over 40 vacation days I have not used. Yes, forty. While I am already contemplating possibilities for a quick escapade, my real fantasy vacation would be Egypt. 
How about you, when was the last time you took a vacation and what is your fantasy vacation?

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You always meet twice

White shirt dress, sleeves tied at the waist Forever 21, similar in pink
Black tote bag Furla, similar 
Zebra print flats Sperry Topsider, similar
The other day I heard someone say this phrase several times: You always meet twice in life
I thought about if for a while and while it could mean "what comes around, goes around" it could also be interpreted to part with others in the best way possible. Treat people well, so when you meet again there is only a good memory between you two. 
Do you think, literally, you always meet twice in life? 
If you ask me, I will say yes. You always meet twice in life, but the second time might be too late.

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Blue Bow Heels

Red skirt H&M, similar - Blue, red and white printed blouse Pink Tartan, similar
Black tote bag Furla, similar on sale - Brown sunglasses Nine West, similar
White and blue bow heels Red Valentino, identical in pink 

I cannot tell you how much I had been looking forward to wearing these three garments together. The blouse with the fringe, the bright skirt and the unworn bow heels. I waited for so long and then it turned out to be a total failure. While I am still trying to figure out what went wrong: silhouette, fit or else... maybe it was just a terrible hair day ?

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Knit dress

Italian zig zag knit dress, similar here, here, here
Nude patent heels Flexi, similar here 
Grey bag Ferragamo, similar under 10.00 USD here, here
Hand made textile earrings by Gie Gie Close
I got this dress from the sales rack. Tags missing, I turned it inside out to find clues on its origin as the light weight knit is exquisite. As I originally suspected its Italian made and I suspect it is made by Missoni. What was your last purchase ? 

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I wore this dress a few days ago for the very last time. I took it to a swap. It currently hangs in someone else's closet and I am thrilled she like it and it fit her so well. For me letting it go was a sign of defeat. Defeat, that I never lost enough weight to wear it comfortably.


Worn, from left to right: once in 2009 and twice 2010 .


Also from left to right, worn in 2013 then in 2014. 

Are there any pieces in your closet that you've felt defeated or demoralised by lately?

Next door

Green gingham shirt GAP, similar - Black cropped trousers Mossimo, similar
Black Vince Camuto Wendell ankle wrap flats similar here - Grey bag Ferragamo

Green statement necklace, similar here, oh and if you are rich look at this one 

Criticism and improvement

Printed trousers MNG Mango, similar - Teal zipper tank top Forever 21, better option here
Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti, similar - Grey bag Ferragamo
Brown sunglasses Michael Kors, similar on sale
Gold tone circle rope earrings, in silver on sale here, similar in real gold here
If you're here for the first time, welcome. I've blogged for almost ten years, here you will find what I wear, amongst other things. I wear what I like which does not mean its on trend. Most of the time I am wearing a vintage something, it could be anything. I'm a critic and a self critic as I think there is always room for improvement. For example, these trousers would look much better with another top, this top looks horrible, so its being donated.  There in one sentence: criticism and improvement.
What do you criticise? What would you like to improve?
Si estás aquí por primera vez, bienvenido. Tengo 9 años de estar detrás de este blog, aquí encontrarás lo que me pongo todos los días, entre otras cosas. Me pongo lo que me gusta, lo que significa que no siempre está on trend. La mayoría de las veces siempre tengo algo vintage puesto, puede ser cualquier cosa. Soy crítica y auto crítica porque creo que siempre hay espacio para mejorar. Por ejemplo, estos pantalones se verían mucho mejor con otra camisa, esta se ve horrible, así que la voy a regalar. En una oración: crítica y mejora. 
¿Qué criticas? Qué te gustaría mejorar?

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Three items

Jeans Zara, similar- Grey blazer Suzie Shier, almost identical here - Black tee shirt Te Odio Luisito Rey
Grey perforated flats Dr. Scholl's almost identical - Grey bag Ferragamo, similar 
Lately there are three items I have been reaching for over and over when it comes to getting dressed. One is this grey cotton blazer, which I  also wore yesterday. Yes, yesterday. The other is my pair of black cropped pants and the third is an oldie but also favourite, my grey tote bag. 
What have you been reaching for these days?
Últimamente he estado utilizando 3 piezas de mi armario una y otra vez. La primera es este blazer o Americana gris de algodón, que por cierto también me puse ayer. Si, ayer. El otro es un par de pantalones negros al tobillo y la tercera pieza es una que tiene mucho tiempo conmigo, mi bolso gris. Y tú, qué has estado usando repetitivamente en estos días? 

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Closet status

Black trousers Mossimo, similar here - Grey blazer Suzie Shier, similar 
Grey and black shoes Kelsi Dagger - Black Moschino bag vintage 
Knotted necklace, cool option in black here - Yellow blouse LuckyCom, similar under 10.00 USD 

Imagine a moment where absolutely everything from your closet is washed, ironed and in place. That is where I am right now. It's taken time, the issue is of course space, but that's another subject. Where are you with your closet right now?
Imagina un momento en donde absolutamente todo de tu armario está lavado, planchado y en su lugar. Yo estoy en ese momento. Tomó tiempo y hay una situación con el espacio, pero ese es otro tema. ¿Dónde estás tú con tu closet? ¿Cuál es tu status?

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Neon and Green

Neon pink trousers H&M - Green velvet loafers Zara, almost identical - Vintage Moschino bag, LOVE THIS ONE
Green gingham shirt Gap, similar - Statement necklace
I read somewhere neon is back. I could not care less, on trend or not, I have been wearing these bright pants for years now. Because, what are the odds into running into someone else wearing bright neon pants ?
Leí en algún lugar que los tonos neon están de vuelta. Realmente no me importa, si está "de moda" o no, tengo años poniéndome estos pantalones. Con este color intenso, cuál es la posibilidad de que me encuentre a alguien con unos idénticos? 

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Zig zags

Blue and red zig zag dress Isaac Mizrahi for Target 
Black and brown Moschino vintage bag - Red, brown and pink shoes Zayma

I wish I could say I loved wearing this outfit, but I would be lying. The dress was snug everywhere but most visibly in the chest area, I kept pulling it up and finally just threw a cardigan over it. 
What was the last uncomfortable item you wore ?