Doing Lavender

I've had my fair share of lavender items in my closet. Some tops, beaded necklace and might still have a pair of lavender shoes from a bridesmaid's attire. It's not a colour I am drawn to, reminds me of spring and the Easter bunny and honestly think it washes me out.
So last year when I read "ultra violet" would be the 2018 colour of the year, I totally chose to ignore it. I mean why wear something that does not look good knowingly?
But you know how it goes. Along the way I wanted to have something in that shade. I thought I'd buy a belt but I knew I would not wear it. 
For me the simplest way to wear a colour that is on trend is through nail color. It's affordable, not overwhelming and a chic way to be on board. 


How do you incorporate trending colours that are not so flattering for you into your style?


Mica T said...

Nail polish is a great way to try a colour! I don't pay a lot of attention to the colours of the year, it's more a happy coincidence if I have them already in my wardrobe, but if they end up in collections I'll probably buy something in the shade, haha! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Beauty Unearthly said...

amazing pics and mani!

Sheila said...

Ha, I don't even know what the trending colours are, I just wear what I like! This is a pretty nail polish colour - I'd wear it!