Editing in April

There is always something to edit: my April closet edits included one black and white striped Daisy Fuentes maxi dress.
It also included a brown cotton dress by Anne Klein.
Followed by a jumpsuit from Jolly Chic.

A window pane shirt from Passport, dark military green cardigan from Zara.

A two piece printed blue trousers and top set from H&M
A silver belt.
Just 8 items in April.
How are your closet edits coming along ?


Sheila said...

Getting there! Working on my spring/summer stuff now. See what you think of the Theory white blouse...

Mica T said...

I did a big cleanout for a suitcase rummage event on Friday, for a fundraiser, so although I didn't count I'm pleased I filled two bags of things to get rid of! :) I unboxed my winter things and decided to downsize from two boxes to one so I got rid of a lot of things, most I am not too sad to see go!

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