New in Jan

January proved to be an interesting month. Here's what came into my closet.

Blue peacock print top Michael Kors thrifted for 7.25 USD. It's see through but I will manage with a tank.

Chelsea black dress from Catherine Malandrino 13.90 SD and Daniel Rainn polka dot dress 10.71 USD. Both on sale !

Black tank top no brand 3.20 USD thrifted. Black trousers with suspenders Metro Style brand 6.40 USD.

A green D&G Lily bag 53.00 USD from a consignment shop. Full purchase story here.

Kate Spade Saturday Drifter ankle trousers13.90 and Black cropped Mario Serrani Italian trousers 10.69 USD not pictured

Tory Burch nude tee shirt 4.00 USD and Kate Spade white Toast of Town tee shirt 4.00 USD. Blue Carolina Herrera polo for 9.00 USD.  I got all of these at the real factory outlets in Peru ;)

Zayma red, brown patent shoes Peru 58.75 USD

Three pairs of earrings and a fake textile collar from Zara, were all gifts. 

OH I got for free this MNG Mango black side drape dress. It was part of my cousin's Marie Kondo edit, I had forgotten to include it ;)

January total 194.80 USD .

January Edits

The first edit of the year is always I something look forward to. Because I always aim at getting rid of loads of items, but why kid myself. 
I got rid of two pairs of shoes. Red ones by Biviel, these date to 2011 and have been worn about 16 times. Back in the day I did not document the cost of my purchases by these were probably 60-70 USD. 
The other pair were these black pumps from Oh Deer ! Worn about 17 times, they were also an online purchase from a time prior to my documenting cost. 

A white tee shirt by Zenana which I am sure I go my money's worth and a Everly brand blue blouse with tags on. I never wore it and its been there for a year. The orange, white and blue top from Marineblu was purchased in July 2012, worn four times, CPW 5.75 USD.

Light blue top by Rachel Ray CPW 0.33 USD and brown printed Merona top around since at least 2011, worn four times. 
Maybe you noticed that some days I have been wearing head bands as I read somewhere that these were back. Well I wore this brown head bland several days in a row and then threw it in my bag and forgot about it.. it broke.

Eight items in one month. 

Spring 2012

Scallop / Fan print skirt Dries Van Noten - Black turtle neck sweater Calvin Klein, identical
Black velvet heels Juicy Couture, similar - Black Baroque Sunglasses Prada, identical - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli 

Imagine you are in Paris. You are sitting first row at the Dries Van Noten Spring 2012 runway. You are in awe. The music in amazing. The models strut down the runway and your eye catches the skirt this model is wearing. You're sold.

I just wanted to make it exciting. The real story is that picked up this Dries Van Noten skirt at the consignment store. A girl can only dream right ? 

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Styling mode

Image via Pinterest
A few months ago I was certified as an Image Consultant. I have to admit I have not applied what I learned on myself yet. However, a friend approached me to assist in styling her for a VIP product launch. She works in the automotive industry. She needed to feel and look pretty without having all the attention on her, she also needed to be able to move around comfortably. 

I began looking for a celebrity she might relate or have similarities with, in this case, it was beautiful Octavia Spencer. My friend has the same hair and skin tone. She also has a similar body structure with a slight change, my friend has twice the breast size.

When we began to think of what she could wear to this evening event she said she did not want to wear a dress or a skirt, she wanted to wear a black pair of trousers, which she already owned. I asked her if she was comfortable in lace, I thought lace would give the dark trousers a more formal yet accessible look. 

This she would pair with black closed toe pumps. She would not be carrying a handbag. She agreed on all, so we began to hunt. 

An important factor here was that she had been without a job for years, meaning that we needed to keep the spending factor in mind. We used a pair of black trousers from her closet that fit her perfectly. I lent her a pair of double sided pearl earrings and she only invested in black mid heel shoes and a white elegant lace blouse. She spent less than 60.00 USD and I donated 6 hours of my time. 

The results were SO positive for my first "professional styling". It was a basic black and white look but the fit here was what made all the difference. While I would love to share the results, she is very private, which is something every stylist must respect ;) 
You could see that she was comfortable and pleased with how she looked, she was confident and her event was packed and a success !

A year ago

Full post here
As you know I like to go back once in a while and check out what I was wearing a year ago. For example, here, I am wearing two garments that are long gone: the red silk blouse and the cardigan. The best part is I have not missed them. Good closet edits leave no regrets.

Always pack

Black trousers Zara - Nude tee shirt Tory Burch, similar - Flower print blazer Etro identical here and similar bright florals 
Black patent bow flats Kate Spade, similar - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli - Prada Baroque sunglasses, identical

If I had to think of just one garment I always pack when traveling I'd have to say its a black pair of trousers. One that has just the right length that allows me to wear with flats and mid sized heels. How about you? What is that garment you rely on when traveling?

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Multitask garment

Giraffe print dress Merona, similar - Nude belt Furla - Nude patent heels Flexi - Black tote Roberto Cavalli

Giraffe print dress Merona, similar 

I had been a while since I wore this giraffe print dress. There were two specific reasons why I chose to pack it for my trip to Peru. One was that it does not wrinkle and most important: it actually fit! 
It took me from a training to lunch, to another training and then on to the late night inauguration cocktail of a luxurious perfumery. Talk about multitask garment.

Moroccan Pavilion

Black trousers Mossimo, similar - Brown bow top Merona, identical via Poshmark here 
Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli - Black scalloped flats Sam Edelman, similar under 10.00 USD here

A travel and work day, ended with an evening at the Mali Museum, followed by a short walk in the Exposition Park at the Moroccan Pavilion in Lima. How did you unwind today ?

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Black and white striped dress Daisy Fuentes, similar here, here and here. Identical via Poshmark here and here
Black blazer Nine West, similar here - Grey bag Ferragamo - Red shoes Biviel, similar here 

Black leather Padlock belt Michael Kors, similar here, identical via Ebay
Last year while in a consignment shop I decided to browse the belt section (like I need any new belts). Seems the shopping fairies were on my side as I came across some great finds, one of them was this black padlock belt by MK. The shape of this lock reminded me of the combination lock I had on my locker in high school. Sometimes the oddest reasons make you buy things... 

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Actions vs Intention

Brown cardigan Versace Jeans, similar  - Brown bow top Merona, similar but expensive - Trousers Insight 
 Nude patent heels Flexi, similar here - Grey bag Ferragamo
The other day I was reading that we see everything through the lens of what we were trying to do and not through the lens of what we actually did
Of course this sounds much like a way the brain protects itself if things don’t work out. The idea is that we remain constant as these should be the same. Because at the end actions are what count and not our intentions. 
For example, once I offered a friend a designer piece, however she took it was if I was offering her something she could not afford. Honestly, it was not the case.
Have you had a situation where your actions did not accomplish your intention ?

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Green Door

Degrade maxi dress Lauren Conrad identical in Poshmark, similar,  Grey bag Ferragamo 
Sandals Adolfo Dominguez - Orange trim flower print vintage scarf Saks Fifth Avenue, identical
Ombre tassel earrings, identical in yellow and blue 

I was out for a marvellous brunch with the hubs the day I wore this ombre degrade look. 
However what I wanted to talk to you about today was about this marvellous green door behind me. It belongs to a two story home with a marble floor entrance located in what is known was the old city or Casco Viejo in Panama. Built in the early 1900s, the owner was questioned as to why he wanted to build such a huge house in a place that was beginning to decay. All the wealthy and affluent families in the area were moving to a newer part of the city to spacious states. He is said to have answered "It's my money and I do as I please". Good answer.
Salí a un brunch maravilloso con mi esposo el día que llevé este vestido en rosa degradado.
Pero hoy quiero hablar sobre esta maravillosa puerta verde detrás de mi. Pertenece a una casa de dos pisos con entrada de pisos de mármol y que está ubicada en la parte vieja de la ciudad de Panamá, conocida como Casco Viejo. Construida a inicios de 1900, el dueño fue cuestionado por querer hacer su casa allí ya que el area había empezado a decaer. Todas las familias adineradas se estaban mudando a un area nueva de la ciudad en donde habían amplios espacios. Se dice que el contestó "Es mi dinero I hago lo que yo quiero". Buena respuesta.