21 ways to wear your pins & brooches

1. Zipper Pull: If the zipper pull is broken you can use it as a replacement or just as an adornment.

2. Instead of a belt: add interest to the waistline of a skirt or dress.

3. Hold ties in place: wether it's a bow at the neck or waistline. Works like a dream on soft fabrics that won't stay put.

4. On turtleneck : add interest to a turtleneck sweater, you can also pint it on the neck roll. 

5. Adorn jean pocket: wear with untucked top that hits right above pockets and avoid the belt.

6. Cardi clutter party : on your cardigan or blazer. Choose a theme, wether its all same color or motive.

7. Accent a chain necklace : or you can even wear it as a pendant with a less chunkier necklace.

8. Shirt collar toppers: You can use it to hold a ribbon in place or just add some decor without the usual necklace.

9. Scarf companions : Keep it company, right next to a scarf or even pinning it to hold it in place.

10. On an evening bag: use it to add life or glam it up.

11. On a hat : Add uniqueness to a hat. Pin one or several. 

12. Hair comb: double duty time, it adds interest to your hair do. Just sew on and when you're done, just cut and use again as a brooch. I do it for weddings.

13. Add to watch : because watches can get boring too.

14. Doubled as button : keep your kimono closed or cardigans or loose jackets. Instead of belting, use as if it were a button.

15. Hold your jean cuffs : Roll your jeans and cuff them at the side. Brooch can be the same or different, work with what you have.

16. On a bag strap : Pin it behind the strap, so you don't puncture the leather or fabric.

17. On the edge : of your off the shoulder top, make it the eye catcher, skip the necklace. 

18. Side of your shirt collar: it can be on one side, like below - or on both. 

19. All over the neckline : preferably of a boat neck sweater (fabric's gotta be thick enough!)

20. On your shoes: replacing the old shoe clip, wether its on the front or on the side or the back... your choice.

21. Cuff a shirt or as cufflink : Hold the shirt cuff in place at the elbow or pin them on top of the button, creating a cufflink effect. 

A few weeks ago I dedicated some time figuring out how to wear my many pins and brooches, the above are just a few examples... while I'm not done yet, I thought I'd share the wisdom with you ;) Hope you were inspired to wear yours.
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Brooke A said...

Love the little embellishment a brooch ads!

Pumps and Push-Ups

Straight A Style said...

You got so creative with this. Love it!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Anonymous said...

Great post.
Beautiful accesories

Mimi said...

The zipper pull is SUCH a cool ira! Hadnt ever thought to do that. I love brooches...as do you,,,clearly:)

Aesthetic Lounge

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D you as like me. It's incredible. We need to be more relaxed and spontaneous. We need to live more our life and enjoy all things

wooow, you have an amazing collection. Love all! <3

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Such a great collection!! So cool!
Mónica Sors

Natalie Sampson said...

Every time I see you wearing one it makes me want to get a couple! This post made me see how versatile they can be.

jodie filogomo said...

I'm enthralled with all of these ideas, Lorena!! You are so creative!!
I'm going to pin this to my pinterest board for sure.

LyddieGal said...

I love all your creative placements. The bugs on the jeans are my favorite - even though I hate real bugs, I'm a-okay with them as gold metal, haha.

My favorite pin placement ever has to be on a black handbag, it had belt holes on a strap down the front and a vintage broach fit between the holes so perfectly I've never taken it off, it just looks like it was part of the bag (the the small exception of where the metal is scratching the bag, but i suppose nothing is perfect.

Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

I like 5 and 15 - it looks nice. Personalny sometimes I use collar brooch, especially to a bandana. But in last years I prefer minimalist, do brooch ok, but as the single accesory.