At Porras

White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Gingham shirt J. Crew - Grey velvet D'Orsay flats Presumidas 

A beautiful sunny midday at Porras Plaza. You would not know by looking at these that this pretty plaza is a common theft place. In fact as I was setting the camera on the tripod, someone came up to me to say that he had just been warned about a couple of guys who were there and were well known thieves in the area, that was enough for me to pick up and head back home.. 


Sheila said...

That guy who warned you was probably part of the ring! They try to ingratiate themselves by warning you, so that you let your guard down.

I live in a tourist city, so I'm always aware of my surroundings (especially when I travel) and how vulnerable one can be!

This is a lovely summer outfit!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

It's so annoying when people ruin things for the rest of us. But you did get some good shots. And this outfit looks very comfortable.

Natalia Beloglovskaya said...

As usual interesting post! Thanks a lot for sharing)

Mica T said...

Oh I'm glad the guy warned you so you could pack up - last thing you'd want would be someone pinching your camera and tripod!

I'm terrible for leaving my bags unzipped all the time - I really need to be more safety conscious!

Away From The Blue Blog

Nicole Mölders said...

Great casual posh summer outfit. Perfect for sightseeing! Thanks for linking up to the Top of the World Style linkup party.