Power of remorse

Black button shirt Da Moda - Black trousers Mossimo - Gingham print shoes custom made 

Bubble pin set from Stradivarius 

Remorse can be a positive, powerful thing and here's proof. 
After coming across boxes full of unworn pins and brooches I have been incorporating them into my every day wear in every single way I can think of. 
Today, I took a bubble pin set and added some fun to an otherwise all black look. One pin went on the shirt collar (Cool!) and the other two went on my shoes: Hi! and Hello ! were quite a hit in my book. 

Green eyed bird

Printed dress Dressbarn - Grey blazer Suzy Shier - Blue bow heels Red Valentino - Teal sunglasses Reaction Kenneth Cole

Recently I came across boxes full of pins in my closet, I got a bit of a remorse and thought I'd bring them to the light of day.
My choice for today was a silver tone metal bird brooch with light green stones set as eyes. While this piece is unmarked and quite simple, it was a gift from my long gone grand father, which makes it super special. 
Now, speaking of the rest of the outfit, I am the first to admit I did not like it.. you'll never be seeing this dress again.

Once upon a denim dress

Seems like I've been o the hunt for the perfect denim dress for months now.  After getting rid of below one at the end of 2016 I've been looking for a dressier version, one that would serve for weekend and work. 

Almost identical version of above denim dress here 

During my search I came across four great denim dress options from Zaful that have been on my mind.  

1. Babydoll with the flared touch and under 40.00 USD
2. Waist wrap  has super light fabric and not even 12.00 USD
3. Deconstructed is modern and has pockets and its under 25.00 USD
4. Classic  of darker denim in a clean silhouette with pockets too, priced under 40.00 USD 

I've been thinking that #4 would work and think that #3 would be fabulous layered over a white button down or worn with a blazer... Which one do you think would work ways: work and office ? 

Red butterfly pin

Black jeans NYDJ - Black turtleneck sweater Pierri New York -
Zebra print heels Bershka - Grey bag Ferragamo 

The other day as I looked for a pair of earrings I came across a big two tier jewellery box. It revealed two smaller jewellery boxes. A wooden one with at least half a dozen silver tone pins and brooches, mostly vintage. The other box held a few more gold toned ones. While brooches and pins made a comeback sometime last year its not often that I consider these when putting together an outfit. So today, for a change, I did: placed my red rhinestone butterfly pin on one side right below the turtle neck fold. Are your pins also stashed in a box in the back of the closet ? 

Butterfly pins:

Two things

Military green jumper MNG Mango - Grey velvet d'orsay flats Presumida -
 Metal belt, identical here

I thought I'd share two things you probably don't know about me.
I've always hated sports. Don't watch them, don't practice them. 
However I did track & field in high school, for a totally different reason than wanting to play a sport.
I've fainted twice in my life, once during a massive demonstration, the other while playing soccer.
Share a thing or two about yourself in the comments. 

Monster Closet

Blue jean dress DKNY, similar - Green cardigan 525 America, similar - Light blue bow shoes Gio Zanotti -
Grey bag Ferragamo

For some weird reason I feel like my closet has taken control over me and there is nothing I can do. It's like a monster that asks to be fed with new items, one that is always hungry.
I did a three month shopping ban that worked quite well in terms of acquisitions but not so with the organising the closet idea. At the end its a cycle that keeps on going: since the closet is not organised I keep bringing in new things, like these light blue shoes purchased last month, which by the way, have gotten so much wear, that the CPW is at about 2.57 USD.
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Why I wear my tops backwards

Black cardigan INC International Concepts - Leopard print top Da Moda, similar  - Jeans Liz Claiborne -
Cap toe flats Zara, similar - Black vintage bag Croft & Barrow - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors, similar 

If there is one thing I like to do is wear my tops on backwards. 

I've done this with tops and dresses several times in the past. 

Most of the times I have done this because:

  • Neckline is too low, as in too revealing for the occasion as in to work, example here 
  • Want to use it as a backdrop for layering a necklace, like here 
  • Looking for a more relaxed look, Instead of buttoning up the back, just wear unbuttoned to the front,  did it here 
  • Max my looks when traveling, wear it in the morning to as a layering piece and then in a more formal way for the evening like I did here , showcasing a brooch.
  • Maximises my overall wardrobe !
Have you worn your top backwards intentionally and if so why ?
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Bow on the back

Black dress with white bow Cable & Gauge - similar under 15.00 USD and this one for 12.00 USD
Brown and blue vintage bag Moschino - very similar via Poshmark - Black heels Christian Siriano for Payless

This black dress has been hanging in the closet since February last year, tags on. Today I wore it for the very first time. Its lightweight, has a good length and looks ok from the front, but the back I am not too sold on, the bow seems frumpy and now after just one wear I am wondering if I should have even bought it.. 

Other Moschino heart bags:

Chop Chop

Chambray shirt Stradivarius - Printed black pants Wild Girl - Black patent shoes Zara - 
Black leather vintage bag Croft & Barrow

I usually get a hair trim every three months or so. This time around it was chop, chop, it's three inches off. 

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At the African Fashion Festival

Chambray shirt Stradivarius - Vintage black polka dot skirt Grace New York, similar on sale here
Black sandals Sam Edelman - Croft and Barrow black vintage bag 

A lot more often than I'd like to admit, I run out of ways to wear a garment, like this skirt. For moments like this I rely on fellow bloggers to inspire me and create new looks wearing the same garment over and over with a fresh take every time.
Today my inspiration comes from of StyleNudge who totally opened my eyes on what I could pull off with this skirt ! Never would I have thought these two would work so well. Thanks Cheryl.

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Dwell on..

Brown printed dress Forever 21- Black vintage leather bag Croft & Barrow - Cap toe flats Zara 

While I have not caught up with real life, I have been able to get a few things done. Little dumb things that just dwell on me, like finally picking up an evening gown from the dry cleaner's, the heels from the cobbler and having that red skirt tailored. Are there any insignificant little things you're just lingering over ? 

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Tips for embracing trends or not

Last year when the rave was all about the off shoulder top (like we'd never seen one before) I came to realise that many of us are just waiting to be told what is "new and trendy" to then "fill that closet gap". 

Back then, for the cold shoulder trend, at first I refused to buy one, so adapted an old  Marimekko top:

Full post here

In my case I want to think I have more control over trends. I look first at what is in the closet and the odds are there is something adaptable as above, similar or even identical to the latest item of desire. 

I also ask myself a few questions:

  • Do I like it ? - because I've bought stuff trendy, just because - and then never wear. 
  • Is it functional with the rest of my wardrobe ? Because maybe it does not go with anything you own ! 
  • Do I have the right undergarments to wear it ? Or do I have to buy something else to make it work ?
  • Does it fits my style ?  I don't want to look costume like.
  • Will I look like every other person when I go out ? This, is of course if you mind. I do.
  • Does this style look good on me ? Is this truly flattering ? And don't ask the sales girl ! 

At the end, I do plead guilty on falling for trending items, but do make an effort to make it different through styling, like below.

Ful post here

Continuing on the off the shoulder trend example, last year I recall that every time I saw this girl she would be wearing an off shoulder top, sure, they were nice, but it became her uniform. Off shoulder in white, in chambray, short sleeve, long sleeve, printed, in lace... you name it. In my opinion it was too much as it was all trend, no style. 

And there is nothing wrong with wanting to embrace trends, but I think there is a limit, one you should set.

What's your take on trends ?

Take 20

DRESS: Jean pinstripe dress DKNY, similar ones here   SHOES: Red flats Stradivarius, similar under 8.00 USD here 

BAG: Red Grace tote Victorinox, identical in black here 

When it comes to pictures I am never happy with them because I know I can do better. Usually take about twenty, upload about 7 and post three. 
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Jeans Zara - Neon blouse H&M, similar - Green cardigan 525 America - Orange embroidered clutch 
Green enamel snake ring Roberto Cavalli, Just Cavalli snake ring here
As I read neon was making a come back, I looked for all things bright and neon in the closet and threw them together. For a moment I thought it was too much, but then I though "what the hell.."

I know..

Black jeans NYDJ, similar - Leopard print top Da Modasimilar - Red Gucci like sandals Zara, similar  
Layered gold tone necklaces, similar for 6.00 USD here
Sometimes as I read other blogs I get a sense that "I know" that person and wonder if when people read my blog they also think the same. The truth is you only get to see one side, the one that is chosen to be shown... 
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