Peplum Possibilities

Burgundy peplum top Forever 21, almost identical on sale here 

Black heels Oh Deer! - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli - Black and white beaded necklace similar

Peplum made a come back sometime around 2011-2012 and I have not seen anyone in a peplum top for quite a long time. 
The fact that it's not one of the current "hot" trends does not mean I am to vanish it from my closet. I can layer it, I can tuck it in, belt it.. there are so many possibilities ! 
The fact that I have not seen someone wearing peplum in a while was just the perfect reason for me to wear my one and only peplum garment today, because the odds of finding someone else wearing the same outfit are close to none. Are there any peplum garments in your wardrobe ?


Black trousers - White ruffle sleeve blouse Bizz, similar
Black tweed blazer Xhilaration, similar

Taupe block heels Breckelle's, similar - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli

White ruffle sleeve blouse Bizz, similar, Brooch similar here
Wearing my tweed blazer today, thought I might use the term "tweeding" a in "wearing tweed". Luckily there is Google and I searched before posting and learned that tweeding actually means "private gain and public expense" (full definition here). There's none of that here. 

Old lady shoes

Black trousers Zara - Red top Carven, similar here - Black Gabe blazer Theory identical here
Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli 

Black leather "old lady shoes" from Spain, similar from Chanel under 200.00 USD here

Vintage gold coin brooch, cool another coin pin here

These Spanish made shoes have been around for a long while. They're of supple black leather and a dream to wear, so it was a no brainer to sport them for a meeting. Funny thing is I don't wear them much as they seem very conservative, even for my own conventional style. 
Then I read somewhere that old lady shoes were back, or notYou know, the shoes that you just don't like and then begin to see everywhere and you begin to accept. Now, without even noticing, I have been gravitating towards these styles, for example these brown amaretto square toe beauties or these lavender mules.  I might ask to be buried in these

What's your take on these old lady shoe styles ? Yay or nay ?

Gang's Hideout

Black trousers Mossimo - Grey top Pretty Good similar here - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli 


Sam Edelman "Sara"  black tweed and silver cap toe flat, similar Chanel under 400.00 USD here - Grey satin and lace top Pretty Good  

Although it was too dark when I got there, I could not resist taking pictures in front of the American Trade Hotel. The white building, originally conceived a 100 years ago by one of my fave architects, was first a department store and bank. Then, came its downfall (when it was a gang's hideout) then  it rose back to glory when the hotel opened... only to prove there's always possibility.

The first picture above is in front of its main entrance and if you look up, this is what the building looks like here today.

Black and White Tweed

Black trousers Zara - Black tweed blazer Xhilaration, similar and gorgeous - Burgundy peplum top H&M, almost identical

Black vintage belt Celine Paris, another fab belt from Celine here - Burgundy tassel Koaj high heel loafers, similar in black  

Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli, similar 

I've had this black and white tweed blazer forever. It's been snug the last infrequent wears but I refuse to let go. I always tell myself that I will let it go the day I gift myself with its Chanel version, which is just an excuse, I know. So while I figure out its destiny, it was a good choice for a work meeting ;) 

Shoe guilt

Striped jean dress DKNY, similar - White tee shirt - Nude flats Florence Coach - Red tote bag Victorinox, similar 

As mentioned yesterday we had a handful of days off and we spent the holidays in the city. One of these days we ventured to find my husband a pair of jeans. Oh, the joy of free the parking spaces in front of the mall, the happiness of empty fitting rooms... As he browsed the men's department I headed for the shoes. If you follow my insta stories (ATlorenapty) you'd see all of the shoes I tried on that day and here is where the gilt comes in: 7 pairs later.  It's probably the most shoes I have ever bought in one outing.  What's your latest gilt, when it comes to shopping ? 

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Empty cities

Blue gingham shorts G.H. Bass, BUT I'd rather have this extra large gingham print - 
Charter Club navy blue boatneck tee shirt, almost identical here
 Red flats Stradivarius, similar under 20.00 USD here

Recently we've had a handful of holidays and even though the beach is minutes away we chose to stay in the city. Why, you'd ask. Well, while every other person I know drove to the beach and was stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam we enjoyed the empty and quiet streets, parking spaces in front of the mall entrance and not having to stand in line anywhere... What did you do on your last holiday ? 

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Hi Lo top

Jeans Liz Claiborne - Off white lo hi top Zara, similar in grey , white and cameo rose all under 17.00 USD  -
Red Gucci like sandals Zara, almost identical in suede under 25.00 USD here - Doctor's bag Venezia 

Ioblu mini scarf wrapped as bracelet, another fun one hereCircle silver necklace Agatha Paris, almost identical here -
Long silver and rhinestone necklace identical here

I've had maybe one or two items ever with the short hem on front, long back style. With my short height in mind it's a trend I shy from. However when I saw the one I am wearing today, I thrifted it and figured the trend deserved another try.  Are you on board with the hi lo style ?

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All shiny

Jeans Saltworks - White rhinestone cuff top Forever 21, other embellished cuff tops here and here 
Silver glitter shoes City Classified, similar - Grey bag Ferragamo
Silver sequin stretch belt vintage, IDENTICAL HERE via Etsy ;) 

I read somewhere that glittery shoes were a thing now. Funny thing is that I buy and wear things because I like them not because they are on trend, however sometimes these two worlds collide. I read glitter and thought of all things shiny: the rhinestone cuff top, the vintage silver sequinned stretch belt and the round toe glitter pumps I have worn maybe once before. Paired all of these and got an all shiny look, face included ;) 

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Skills I lack

Ruffle and gingham dress H&M, similar - Red shoes Biviel, similar - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli, similar -
Yellow flower print scarf tied on bag, similar 

I have no coordination. I cannot do the electric boogie or the macarena. I hope in my next life I get this ability.  How about you ? What skill do you lack and wish you had ?

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October Closet Editions

Editing this month was not that fructiferous. A blue and yellow print dress I made, the first ever. Finishing was not up to par so I will let this go and try to make a new one. Also the turquoise sequin and straw bag that I had already fixed peeling handles for (see how I fixed it here). The handles and bag were looking too worn out.
Two satin tops: one black Peter Pan collar horseshoe and horse print top from Via Vai and a black striped top from H&M. The horse print one got a 2.75 USD CPW, worn just 8 times since 2012. The one from H&M has been around since about 2011 and worn just about 8 times. Both of these were not great fitting and did not get much wear, so off they go.

A pair of black leather boots made in Spain. They did some traveling but lately they have not gotten much wear. 
Finally a red bracelet a friend gave me years ago, the red cord began to peel. Before letting go I removed the charm and repurposed it ;) You know I am a recycler-hoarder at heart.

6 items this month. How are your closet edits coming along ?

New in October

Gold sequinned Crossover Burberry dress on super sale 42.80 USD, 
available here at a higher price

French vintage bright orange wool blazer by Mathilde Paris  and this colourful vintage printed blouse no brand tag, each for 1.00 USD. It was a pop up vintage sale I did not expect !
Current Elliot The Reformed Frayed Denim dress originally priced at almost 300.00 USD, I paid 13.65 USD. 

Three vintage blazers: a purple brocade one by Oscar de la Renta Red Label for 5.42 USD and a blue striped Louis Feraud Contraire blazer for 1.07 USD. Also a men's houndstooth print blazer for 5.42 USD. Quite the steal. 

A short front-long back top by Zara for 1.07 USD and blue G.H. Bass gingham shorts for 7.50 USD. 

A small blue cross body bag from Cole Haan for 12.85 USD and a Versace Jeans brown cardigan for just 9.65 USD. 

A total sum of 101.43 USD for October.

Escada Sport worn

Jeans Saltworks - White button down shirt Forever 21 - Vintage striped white and fuchsia scarf Escada Sport, similar in black and white here - Yellow shoes Tsubo, similar  - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli, similar under 30.00 USD here 
When I spotted the new with tags, yet vintage, striped scarf months ago in the consignment shop my heart skipped a beat. At first I thought it was a square scarf but then realised it was a long one, the type its difficult to wear. At least for me. However I held on to it as I browsed the store and then began to play with it in front of the mirror. I kept on asking myself the usual: "How would I wear it?", "Would it be worn often?", "What could I wear it with?" I could not answer these questions. Then the sales girl made a compliment and that was it. 
Like I said, this was months ago and today was its first wear.  I used it to cover a stain spot on this white shirt... a use I did not even consider upon purchase. 

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