2016: My Closet in Numbers

For the last 6 years I have been tracking my closet edits and additions. I do this per month, per cost and per type of item. As much as I hate numbers I am a sucker for statistics and love knowing an item's cost per wear is or how long it lasted in the closet. 

This year I added 96 pieces to the closet, most of them dresses, 18 to be exact. 
These are detailed above and I miraculously stayed within my budget of 2016 established here . 
One thing I did not do, that was also a 2016 closet goal was get rid of at least 200 items, 
I only got rid of 134 - most of them being tops (40 of them) as you can see below. 

As for shopping habits, this year I thrifted more, invested in higher quality handbags and got serious with my shoe edits (22 of them gone!)
In regards to closet goals for 2017, let's just say that I want to get rid of at least 200 items, stay within a 1,500.00 USD budget and most important make another attempt at a shopping ban. 
My first attempt was back in 2010, which lasted 6 months (here is when it ended). 
For the 2017 shopping ban I'll be holding hands with Lydia and we're going for three months, so it should be an interesting journey. Let me know if you'd like to join ;) 

New in: December Closet Additions

Charles Henry trumpet sleeve printed dress 10.70 USD - similar from Old Navy here 
Black velvet Express pants 3.21 USD - similar from Forever 21  here
Vintage Gian Franco Ferré Studio dress and stole USD 19.26 USD. 
Chiara Ferragni interchangeable hearts silver glitter loafers 139.10 USD, 
they also look fab in gold glitter here 
Gold tone beaded necklace and earrings for 1.60 USD, 
remotely similar here
Hand made black and white gingham shoes 25.00 USD, 
they were inspired by these and these 
United Nude Eamz pumps with funky heels for 159.43 USD, 
almost bought this pair too.
Oh, also 22.00 USD in repairs in the above garments. December total of 379.90 USD.

Out in December: Closet edits

Panama hat with brown beaded belt cord
Elizabeth Blair dress (worn 3 times in 7+ years)
Black Aerosoles wedges purchased in 2011 worn at least 17 times
Faded turquoise tank top
Pink Daisy Fuentes sweater, worn about 7 times, 
I loved it but it had a huge blue pen mark that I no longer 
wanted to have to hide behind chunky necklaces and scarves.
Red halter dress that I wore to two weddings a few years ago, 
it no longer fit. But I was happy to pass it on to a coworker.
Fuchsia color block strapless dress, just one wear and I'm done.  

Cottura black jumper dress just 3 wears and out the door.
Flower filigree silver earring and pendant set.

Ten edits.

Bright green house

Black bucket quilted bag Moschino, similar under 25.00 USD here - Black slip dress Topshop, similar longer version I want here - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender 

Houses painted in bright contrasting colours usually remind me of those in the Caribbean Islands. A few years ago I use to travel there once a month. Wether it be Turks and Caicos, Aruba, Bahamas, Curaçao, St. Barth or else, it was always a hot as hell- but positive experience. From these frequent travels I can affirm that life moves at a much slower pace there. Something I sometimes miss. 

While this little green and red house is in my city and only a few blocks away from home, it has that vibrant and positive feel of those Caribbean afternoons.
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Summer's here

Black slip dress Topshop - Black bucket bag Moschino, similar here - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Jean Jacket OUT 
Fun pins for your jean jacket here , here and my fave here.

While most of you are layering because of the cold, well here it's summer. To think that a month ago we were being threatened by a hurricane and floods on the Atlantic coast is unimaginable. A month later, here I am, wearing a jean jacket to avoid the fiery sun. Such is life in the tropics. 

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Denim Jackets I secretly want:

On 44th

Printed poncho like top, similar under 10.00 USD here - Black shorts - 
Moschino black quilted bag here and almost identical at lower price here

If you have been around for a while you know that I have special appreciation of old buildings. This house is 4 streets away from where I live and I'm pretty sure that it will be torn down soon to make space for a skyscraper. 
I believe that in general older structures, cars, vintage garments, home wares, it was all made to last at least a lifetime. Quality could be seen and touched and it was not a luxury, it was just the pride and craftsmanship behind the company making it.  Nowadays, it's just what it is and undoubtedly I have that nostalgic feeling that things were better before..
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Similar tops:

Your thing

Black slip dress Topshop similar here-  - Black cap toe flats Zara similar under 10.00 USD here

Polka dot button down shirt Available - Silver ring necklace Agatha Paris similar here

A few weeks ago a friend asked me to help her find a dress for a wedding. We went to several stores and in between dress picks for her, I also looked at stuff for me. She would also randomly stop and pick garments for me (like I need that...). She chose a garment for me that had a very odd cut, which of course, I liked. I said to her "It's so different.." she smiled and said "Unusual clothing is your thing.." I have to admit that sometimes it is. So, what's your thing when it comes to clothing ? IS there something in particular you look for ?
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Brick and mortar vs On line

Marimekko for H&M printed top - Red Valentino jeans - Red flats Stradivarius - Sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger

Red flats Stradivarius - these will need replacement soon, I'm considering these loafers in velvet or these ballerinas
Is there a difference between what's in stores and what is on line ? Are the same goods being offered simultaneously ?
Out of common sense I'd think that on line products are probably "newer" than those in brick and mortar but when I am in the store I see things I have just seen on line... What's your take on this ?

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Borrowing Clothes

Gucci like crossed block heel sandal from Zara, but I could have also gone for these at a better price.

Black and white striped maxi dress Daisy Fuentes (similar wrap one here and if my shopping fund was endless I'd go for this one here) - Mola handmade headband worn as belt made by the Gunas / Kunas in Panama 

Nothing borrowed in this post. Just bought and gifted :)  However I have been thinking that while growing up I use to borrow things from friends, in my case usually clothing to go to parties and books. 
The last thing I recall borrowing was a set of Swarovski jewellery for a wedding last year. Before that it was probably a pair of fancy shoes, also for a wedding. 

When was the last time you borrowed something ? What was it ? 
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On the 24th

2009                                                                     2010

2011                                                2013

I realised its been a while since I dressed up for Christmas. In 2015 we did charity work on Christmas Eve and the year before I do not recall.  Above are some outfits from previous Christmas Eves: in 2009 a one shoulder jumper look, the animal print dress for 2010, the blue lace dress is 2011 and for 2013 the side ruffle turquoise dress.  Funny thing, these are all trending right now and luckily still in the closet, however I wonder if the still fit...
This time around I was down with a fever and our Christmas dinner was delicious nachos that my husband picked up at my favourite place, it certainly beat the usual turkey. 

Hope you had a Merry Christmas !

Zero newsletters

Black jeans NYDJ similar here - Blue button down shirt Forever 21 - Red burgundy sandals Gucci like Zara similar -
Purple bag Coach similar here 

I've been on the task of decluttering the amount of mail in my inbox, its a never ending task. Too much information coming in simply makes you miss out on what's really important. It's something that can get out of control. Currently I have unsubscribed to most newsletters and should be down to zero soon. The less I have, the more focused I can be.... this pretty much applies to everything, however you've got to start somewhere..
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