Out in December: Closet edits

Panama hat with brown beaded belt cord
Elizabeth Blair dress (worn 3 times in 7+ years)
Black Aerosoles wedges purchased in 2011 worn at least 17 times
Faded turquoise tank top
Pink Daisy Fuentes sweater, worn about 7 times, 
I loved it but it had a huge blue pen mark that I no longer 
wanted to have to hide behind chunky necklaces and scarves.
Red halter dress that I wore to two weddings a few years ago, 
it no longer fit. But I was happy to pass it on to a coworker.
Fuchsia color block strapless dress, just one wear and I'm done.  

Cottura black jumper dress just 3 wears and out the door.
Flower filigree silver earring and pendant set.

Ten edits.


Sheila said...

It's good to get rid of the things that just don't cut it, whether it's due to a dated style, some damage, a sizing issue or just because you don't feel 'em anymore. Good for you, Lorena!

Kim Alston said...

We know they've been worn with love. Good for you.