New in: July

Foot in the mouth.
I succumbed to the off shoulder trend with this
chambray Hot Delicious top for 10.70 USD.
A fluffy grey pom pom keyring 2.15 USD and
4 bandana scarves 3.00 USD 
Two dresses:
Black High Apex slip dress from Topshop and white dress 
no brand tag - both for 21.37 USD
Deep red Zara Gucci inspired shoes: 32.10 USD
Thrifted orange Lanvin For Me Dufflebag 
Fall 2012, 17.12 USD
A black quilted Love Moschino bucket bag 
for 123.05 USD.
Received this white button down lace Tramp 
shirt as a gift from grandma. 
Its my worst month this year,
you do the math..
 209.85 USD

July edits

Yet another month of closet editions.
Peacock feather print ruffle blouse I Heart Ronson,
Multi color sleeveless top MNG Mango.
Pink lace top Forever 21, Colorful printed top Poeme.
Ruffled striped shirt by Orange and brown tagless turtleneck sweater.
Six tops, two dresses.
Valerie Bertinelli one shoulder dress 
and Zara vertical stripe dress.
A pair of burgundy trousers by Valerie Bertinelli.
Klein blue bag from Zara and a green braided Hello Kitty bracelet.

Eleven items total.
How are your closet edits coming along ?

Curious traveler

When it comes to travel I am usually very curious on how
people prepare as it has evidently changed over time.
I recall traveling being an important event you dressed up for.
Men in suits, women in their best frocks.. 
When traveling became massive it lost some of its magic, 
specially after more security measures were added. 
Black leggings Bershka - Chambray off the shoulder top Hot Delicious - Black flats Sam Edelman - Brown tote bag Coach

Regardless of what we wear while we travel, then there is what
we pack, what we take with us.
I've always thought traveling elsewhere gives you a chance to 
start over, try out new styles, maybe even more daring outfits.
This morning I chose to walk Bogota city with an off shoulder top
 and leggings, something I usually don't wear back home...

3 places

I absolutely love it when I make the most of one garment.
Take this black dress, first worn to a rally below.
Black dress Missoni - Black patent shoes Zara - Brown tote bag Coach
Shortly afterwards I added black tights and took a 
plane in it to cool weathered Bogota in Colombia. 
Vintage extra large Rodier scarf
Paired it with a vintage scarf that doubled as a blanket.
Then took that same dress to a late afternoon meeting, 
this time paired with an Italian tweed jacket.
Tweed jacket Pamela

Don't you just love it when getting dressed can be kept this simple ? 

Blue vintage

As much as I love vintage, I 
must admit that sometimes it's
difficult incorporating the pieces
into my every day wear.
Blue and red vintage blouse Don Sayres - Printed skirt Jones New York
Orange bag Lanvin - Black patent shoes Zara 

Vintage pieces can sometimes 
make you look dated or costume like.
I'm not sure I'd wear these two
items together again as the colors
were a bit overpowering, but I tried.

Seventy four

I guess the owners of this home were tired of
people not easily finding their address.

White jeans Red Valentino - Orange and blue sleeveless top - Electric blue heels Charles Jourdan - Orange bag Lanvin
So, they just had the home number painted on their garage door.
Of course this is just a wild guess.
Regardless I am pretty sure that some people will still go by
and miss it, because sometimes no matter how big the sign, 
we walk past it wondering...

Brown accents

I did not put much thought into today's outfit.
All I needed was for it to be comfortable to walk in.

White button down dress Forever 21 - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors
Brown Tote bag Coach - Brown cap toe flats Coach

The white dress served as a blank canvas.
Brown seemed like the best way to go.
A bag from a Coach sample sale, 
matching shoes and sunglasses.
Mission accomplished.

Almost Gucci

I had been giving this grey ruffle bow button down shirt 
second thoughts.

Then I came across these ruffle shirts from the 
Gucci Resort 2016 (I think) and figured there was still life in it..
Black trousers Red Valentino - Grey heels Vince Camuto
Grey ruffle button down shirt Go International by Target
Black bucket bag Love Moschino  
Happy Monday !

Linking up to 

Just realised

Suddenly it hit me.
Printed trousers Wild Girl - Black patent flats Viascar
I just realised at the beginning of this
month it marked my seventh year blogging. 
Off white sweater Tommy Hilfiger - Black bucket bag Love Moschino
A hobby I enjoy.
Call it vain, call it senseless,
call it whatever you want.
Only those who blog get it.

Santa Ana

It's got to be one of my faves, even though
I don't go there often: the Santa Ana park.

Black overalls Zara - Houndstooth print tshirt Go Target - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender
Happy Saturday !

Pulled together

When all seems to fall, 
one of the first things you
have to do is pull yourself together.
Printed skirt Jones New York 
Orange and blue top Marineblu
Black patent shoes Zara - Black bucket bag Love Moschino
Turquoise, orange and red earrings
It all begins with what you wear.
How you it makes you feel...
Don't you think ? 


Sometimes it's hard to find inspiration.
Sometimes its just a blog away.
See Magdalena's full post here
Today's look was inspired by Polish
blogger Magdalena from Minimalissmo (above)
where I translated her look, to mine:
Black skirt Club Monaco - Striped ruffle top Orange 
A black midi skirt inherited from Sheila and
a striped ruffle top that dates to 2010 - 
these had never worn together.
Black pumps Oh Deer! - Black padded bucket bag Love Moschino
While I was not sold on my end result,
you got to try. Always try.