March: New in the closet

New items in the closet...
H&M long printed dress  10.70 USD
Vintage Valentino Miss V jacket 12.00 USD.
Tweed vintage Escada skirt and blazer set 15.40 USD.
I saw both of these blazers on line each being sold 
for over 150.00 USD, so I think I got a good deal ;) 
A trip to the Dollar Store and voilá: 
mint sunglasses for 1.07 USD.
Oh and a gift ;) 
A blue striped long sleeve top by Stradivarius, 
which has quickly become a favourite. 
A pair of blue suede C. Wonder loafers. I'd been hunting these down
and finally came across them on e-Bay for 80.00 USD shipping included.
Plus 13.55 for tailor altering charges.

Total 131.65 USD

March Closet editions

Here's what left the closet in March.
New York & Co. striped top dates to April  2012, 
worn at least ten times, had small stain spots.
Belldini black zip up cardigan worn 6 or 7 times 
in the last 7 years, no longer in good shape. 
Grey striped top Energie, worn at least 7 times,
it was too clingy, fabric too thin.
Millibon U.S.A. horse print jumper, worn about 5 
times in 3 years. About 1.70 USD per wear, I 
realised that I have better fitting garments.
Bissou Bissou embroidered flowers suit, it was dated. 
Black eyelet Gloria Vanderbilt dress worn at least 
6 times in 7 years. Black was faded, sleeves were 
tight and mid section fit was unflattering.
AA Studio black dress, worn at least 6 times. 
Clingy and unflattering. 
Moschino Cheap and Chic Moschino suede heels: one of my most
expensive shoes ever. Worn about 5 times, heels were too high :(
Vince Camuto black patent heels, purchased in May 2014, these
were worn on two continents, at least 4 countries, about 26 times... approximate cost per wear 2.30 USD.
The outer part of the shoe was in perfect condition,
however the lining quickly fell apart. 
Presumidas black flat sandals: worn at least 12 times (a 0.72 c x wear)
until they began to fall apart. 
Salvatore Ferragamo blue vintage shoes: worn once, in Cuba. As 
much as I love vintage and Ferragamo, I did not think these worked
for me.

12 items in March.

How are your closet edit coming along ?

Miss V

The joy of a good thrift.
Jeans NYDJ - White tshirt - Blazer Valentino vintage - Grey heels Vince Camuto
Meet: Miss V.
My vintage Valentino tweed blazer.
After some on line search, I figured its from the 90's.
When I tried it on at the store, I put it back in the rack
and said to myself "I'm not not buying this... I 
just did a blazer and cardigan clean out" 
Then I reached back for it, touched the fabric, looked at the lining.
 Noticed no altering had to be done to the sleeves,which is 
usually a requirement for every long sleeve garment I purchase...

Tried it on again. I was sold. 


That horrible feeling that you missed out...
Blue and yellow striped dress Gap - Striped flats Nine West
We've all had it.
Black bag Tous - Cherry pendant necklace 
Don't let it take over you.
Do it.
Just buy the shoes.

Prom dress

For some odd reason I thought about my prom dress today.   
Black jumper dress - Polka dot shirt Available -
Black patent shoes Zara - Black bag Tous
It was a black taffeta mid length gown, off the 
shoulders with a bow detail and a puffy skirt. 
It was the most expensive dress I had ever owned,
the cost back in the day was two hundred dollars.
While I have no idea of its whereabouts I 
remember being totally in love with it... 

Image via Pinterest
It was my first expensive dress by far.
After that my second most expensive was
my wedding dress. 

How about you ? 
What was your prom dress like ? 

Odd purchase

What's your oddest purchase ever ?
Black trousers Mossimo - Black patent flats Zara 
I mean, the weirdest thing, something you never 
thought you'd see yourself purchase ?
Grey top Active USA - Black bag Tous
This can be related to clothing or else.

For me, its a burial place. 

Half tuck

A half tucked shirt or blouse for me
usually indicates lazy and messy.
Today it means I did not want to wear a belt
and the shirt was a bit too loose to let be.
Jeans Red Valentino - Bright neon top H&M - Black flats Sam Edelman
Also means I wanted to look a bit put together
but not put together enough. Whatever that means.
Black bag Tous - Black sunglasses Prada Baroque 
Leaving the shirt untucked at the back, 
means I didn't want to show my behind.
You would have never thought that messy 
untucked shirt had so much thought put behind it!


It is too often to my liking, that I come across an item 
in my closet that is not worn enough. 
Black shorts Worthington - Black and white top Forever 21 - Black flats Sam Edelman
This is the case of this small crossbody bag.
Monogram crossbody bag Michael Kors 
However I have to be realistic, its too small
for everyday needs.
But, it totally works for a night out, attending concerts,
walking in crowded flea markets and such.
I guess I have to live with the fact that 
everything has its limitations.

Dog walk

Early morning dog walk.
Jeans NYDJ - Striped flats Nine West - White tshirt - DKNY Pure cardigan
Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction
Was so sleepy, I think she walked me. 


Last time I wore this suit I was fully aware
that it was going to be edited from my closet.
Black suit with embroidered flowers Bissou Bissou - Red suede shoes Melissa
A blogger friend, Sheila, had the perfect description 
for it: the suit is dated.
Yellow blouse LuckyCom - Black bag Tous
This tends to happen to me a lot, mostly 
because I hold on to things for a long time.
So dated :) 

Take 2: eyelet

The black eyelet dress.
Black eyelet dress GLO by Gloria Vanderbilt - Black bow flats Kate Spade - Bag Coach 
In my book, eyelet is a classic and therefore never out of style.
However this dress in particular is tight at the sleeves, even though
I moved the button to expand the upper arm area... and its also
too tight to the midsection - making it unflattering.
Sure, I could hold on to it, like I hold on to 
everything else.. but I won't. 


Little did I know I'd take longer than
expected to finish my Masters in education.
Tweed and pearls dress INC - Black suede pumps Juicy Couture - Black patent bag Nine West 
Little did I know.
Little did I know I'd be a valedictorian in the Master's program,
among over one hundred and thirty other students.


Super bright neon

Fully aware that the neon trend is passé
I wore my super bright neon top.
Jeans Red Valentino - Neon top H&M - Silk on Shoes flats - black Tous bag 
The bright color and the soft fabric...
I was totally feeling it. 
Even if it's not on trend.