February Closet Additions

In February I received a few gifts, which
were warmly welcomed into the closet, these
were a Kenneth Cole purple bow belt, a
silver and turquoise tree of life necklace and
a set of fun bubble pins. 
Then came those things I bought.
I love bows and although I honestly do not need 
another dress, I figured that if I walked away from
this Cable & Gauge one for 10.70 USD, I'd regret it. So I bought it. 
It had a Kate Spade vibe... that was my excuse.
I also bought a red skirt from H&M on sale for 10.70 USD.
The fabric, the color - there was something I just loved about it 
even though I am fully aware that it will need altering.

Then came two pairs of black trousers by Mossimo each for 11.75 USD.
I bought two pairs of the exact same trouser in two sizes, you know for
when I eat those extra cookies and cannot fit into my regular size ; )
Also a black cotton jumper / overall Cottura dress for 6.40 USD.

Finally a pair of black sandals from Vince Camuto, 
on sale for 32.10 USD. They are soft and I have not 
purchased a pair of sandals in a while. 
This month 83.12 USD

February closet editions

February started with editing of light weight tops.
Light blue scarf print top by Pink and the two piece 
nude and lace top by Quest.
Short sleeve corduroy jacket with "Oreo" button, was way too small. 
Sold at the flea market for 6.00 USD.
Also edited a brown Zara turtleneck top that was discoloured.
J.Jill patchwork silk skirt.
Sawary brocade jacket has been around since 2009, 
worn about 6 times.
Two piece Nathalie B. short sleeve pant suit 
and PuntoCom two piece black pinstripe suit.
Green silk flats from Seychelles, purchased in April 2012.
Worn eight times in 4 years, cost per wear 3.05 USD.
Brown fabric Baci heels, have been around since 2009!
Worn at least 25 times, as much as I love them they're in bad shape.

From the accessories drawer green pearl necklace and earring set
along, a grey necklace with a white marble heart and square charm 
bracelet that got no wear.

17 items.


When was the last time you were 
totally smitten by a garment? 
Print dress I Heart Ronson - Sandals Adolfo Dominguez 
In my case it was over the weekend, when I 
came across a vintage tweed Escada suit.
Beware of Sharks tote Kate Spade - Silver earrings Cristian Lay
I also recall being smitten by the print of this 
dress when I bought it years ago. 
So, I chose to wear it today. 
I'm still smitten by the print, but not about the fit..

Grey striped tank

How about this ? 
7 times in 6 years...
White shorts Larry Levine - Grey striped tank top Energie - Grey flats Zara 
That's how many times this top has been worn.
Flower print scarf H&M - Mint leather belt H&M - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction
Always used as a layering piece, today I figured I'd
wear it differently. 
However I realised it was not a piece I would
wear on its own as the fabric is too thin and it clings.

This is the last time I wear it and below is how it's been worn before.

                                                       2016                                          2014                                         2011


Happy Friday !

Why this ?

Do you ever ask yourself:
"Why am I wearing this ?"
"Why did I chose to wear this..?"
Trousers H&M - Blue button down shirt Forever 21 - Wedges Innovativi
Reasonable answers would be..
" like it, 
 have it, 
its the only clean one, 
its so comfortable,
its the only one that fits,
  love it, 
its new, 
makes me feel good,
look great in it, 
it was a present from a loved one..."
Beware of Sharks tote bag Kate Spade
In my case, today, its just because I liked how 
these two colors looked together.
However, lately, I've just been grabbing garments I am 
going through the process of editing from my closet. 
Why did you choose to wear what you're wearing today ? 


Out. Outward. Outasight.
White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Grey striped tank top Energie 
Outbound. Outcast. Outcome.
Cardigan DKNY Pure - Grey flats Zara - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole Reaction
Outdoor. Outdated. Outerwear. Outfit. Outgrow. 
Outnumbered.  Outpost. Outrageous. Outsourcing. 


Chambray shirt Stradivarius - Trousers H&M -
Grey heels Vince Camuto - Beware of Sharks tote bag Kate Spade
When in doubt, just ask. 

I can

I chose to wear yet another two piece suit that has been
sitting in the back of my closet for way too long. 
Black pinstripe vest suit PuntoCom - White button down shirt Forever 21 - Burgundy heeled loafers Koaj
I realise that its not worn because of the usual: trousers are 
too low, cut is not the most flattering and its a bit tight. 
However I tried it once more only to convince myself 
that it has got to go.
I'm having second thoughts on keeping just the vest or not, 
just because I can.

2014                                         2009                                       2009
In the meantime, here is how it's been worn before.