Why this ?

Do you ever ask yourself:
"Why am I wearing this ?"
"Why did I chose to wear this..?"
Trousers H&M - Blue button down shirt Forever 21 - Wedges Innovativi
Reasonable answers would be..
" like it, 
 have it, 
its the only clean one, 
its so comfortable,
its the only one that fits,
  love it, 
its new, 
makes me feel good,
look great in it, 
it was a present from a loved one..."
Beware of Sharks tote bag Kate Spade
In my case, today, its just because I liked how 
these two colors looked together.
However, lately, I've just been grabbing garments I am 
going through the process of editing from my closet. 
Why did you choose to wear what you're wearing today ? 


Mica said...

I think your selection process worked well - the two colours do look great together! :)

At the moment I'm working out of a capsule wardrobe so I'm trying to come up with combinations I haven't worn before :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Carolina Vega said...

Love your bag!!


Oh to Be a Muse said...

I love the color combo, too. But I really like how you're wearing the pieces you plan on editing from your closet. Good way to see how much you still like them (or not).


Witchcrafted Life said...

Fabulous outfit! Those two colours really do go nicely together and give off such a chic, beachy-but-not-necessarily-at-the-beach vibe! :)

Big hugs & happy Leap Day wishes,
♥ Jessica

Closet Fashionista said...

I stayed in my pjs all day today! Ha ha. I chose it because I was lazy ;) But normally I choose my outfits for comfort or to show off a new piece! :D

LyddieGal said...

Today I wore jeans and a tee because I didn't want to put any effort into getting dressed. I wore black boots and a black cardigan because I didn't want to be cold. There was no excitement or passion today.

I will admit to often wearing something a person gave me when I know I'm going to see them. Of course if they follow my blog they will know if I'm wearing it because I love it, or if I'm just putting it on for their sake.
Chic on the Cheap

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Lorena, you have a gift for putting colors together! They really look nice together.