June's purchases

I went to Forever 21…
Unfortunately stories that start with that
sentence tend to end in shopping.

I picked up a pair of black culottes for 20.00 USD and a 
blue uneven hem skirt also for 20.00 USD.

Also from Forever 21, a lavender top for 23.00 USD. 
From another store, I picked up a green blazer by
 Catherine Malandrino for 15.00 USD.

A flower print skirt was a result of online shopping!
On my defense, I had a coupon: 10.00 USD

Tattoo bracelets jewelry I have been wanting to  try for 1.60

Silver tone metal leaf headband for 1.06

Green silk bracelet from Turkey for 10.00 USD.

100.66 USD for June.

Editions June

Its mid year already and the closet
editions keep on coming:

Red velvet Covington blazer and blue wrap top Unnecessary Objects.

Black Bisou Bisou light blue bow dress and black Ruby Rox pink 
butterfly print waist dress with tags.
Both dresses sat in my closet for 7 years unworn, it was time.

Finally my brown sneaker/shoes from Paris.

I went camping and they fell apart!

5 items.

How are your closet edits coming along ?

In my case its 91 YTD!

Place of no rain

The weather in Lima is marvellous, so its ok if days are long.

Black trousers Zara - Snake print top Dalia - Black blazer Nine West - Black cap flats Zara - Black tote Michael Kors 
A really incredible fact about this city is that it never rains.

Well, it does rain.. 

that is if you consider 2 inches of rain a year "rain".

Avenida La Paz

Greetings from Peru.

Printed trousers WIld Girl - White tshirt - Black cardigan Forever 21 -
Black flats Sam Edelman- Black bag Michael Kors
Spent most of my afternoon at Avenida La Paz in Miraflores. 

Vintage, local design, antique shops, jewelries, 
handcrafts markets, boutiques, restaurants…
it's all here.

The draped cardi

I think this black draped cardi dates from 2010.

Striped dress H&M - Black cardigan Forever 21 - Red flats Stradivarius - Brown bag Coach
I remember it was an on line purchase, which after 
checking, seems to have been worn several times.

                                   2015                   2014
2014                  2013                             2012 
2012                 2010

Worn at least 12 times - however the drapey thing is 
no longer working for me, so its probably the 
last you'll see of it.

Any drapey cardigans in your closet ?

Afterlife: LizSport Skirt

Do you ever wonder what happens to a 
garment once it's out of your closet ?
I know I do.

Take this Lizsport skirt, let me show you
what its been up to…

She's been out with her new owner: Azella.

Azella is fun, smart and creative so I am sure she will be 
getting the most of it, which - if you ask me - is the way
clothes should be worn: to the max.

There is no more joy when a garment leaves the closet,
than to know its new owner is totally rocking it.
Here is how the skirt was worn before:

Don't you love the afterlife ?

Lavender and burgundy

There I was thinking how I could style this
hardly-ever-worn burgundy cardigan.

Lavender shirt Forever 21 - Burgundy cardigan - Jeans Zara - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender
Last record I have of wearing it was in 2009, 6 years ago.
Brown bag Coach - Brown sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger - Union Jack earrings Forever 21 
Somehow it was totally invisible for all these years.

Today I finally gave it another try and while I am not totally smitten
by it, I might just wear it one more time before I let it go.

Aren't you glad its Friday ?

I made it

I must admit that I do a little happy
dance every time someone compliments
my skirt.

Skirt made by me - Black sweater C'est
The moment they finish the phrase I 
automatically answer: "thank you, I made it".

Black patent shoes Zara 
I haven't "made" many things that I wear so it's a real joy.

Wire gold tone name pin via Etsy - Coach studded leather bracelet - Bracelet self made

Even though I know that it could have turned out better.
Because I just wanted to get it done fast and skipped
measuring and little details.

I usually tell them that too.

3 prints

There is something about pattern mix that 
just makes me happy.
Window pane blouse Passport - Black trousers Zara - Green blazer Catherine Malandrino
So I thought I would mix three of them:

window pane, houndstooth and zebra.

 Zebra print heels Bershka - Fuchsia bag Coach
The trick was to stay in a safe place by just having the 
three prints be in the same colour scheme: black and white.
Houndstooth pin Talbots - Essie nail polish Bungle Jungle - Pearl and jade ring
 Oh and of course, just to keep them separate, 
and give them their own space to shine.