The draped cardi

I think this black draped cardi dates from 2010.

Striped dress H&M - Black cardigan Forever 21 - Red flats Stradivarius - Brown bag Coach
I remember it was an on line purchase, which after 
checking, seems to have been worn several times.

                                   2015                   2014
2014                  2013                             2012 
2012                 2010

Worn at least 12 times - however the drapey thing is 
no longer working for me, so its probably the 
last you'll see of it.

Any drapey cardigans in your closet ?


Kim Alston said...

It looks great with so many different kind of outfits Lorena. My mom has one. Love it with that striped dress and your red shoes. Are you SURE you want to give it away? LOL

Jessica Cangiano said...

They were super huge around 2010, so I bet that is indeed when this one hails from. Interestingly, while I like their look on many people (they look great on my sister, for example), the ones I tried on in shops and while thrifting always looked horrible on me. My figure tends to favour short, even cropped, cardis, which these rarely are, so it's one (modern) style that I had to sit out. This one sure looks great on you though!

♥ Jessica

Mica T said...

You definitely got a lot of wear from your cardigan! :)

I have a couple of drapey cardigans - I think they can be trick to wear if I'm not wearing something fitted underneath though, they aren't the easiest things to wear!

Away From The Blue

Miriam Pérez said...

cute looks!!!

LyddieGal said...

Love your through documentation of the cardigan, and funny you are giving it up - I've just added a drapey black cardigan to my closet.
Chic on the Cheap

Sheila said...

I'm nearly done with mine - they were just too much fabric on me.