March Closet Editions

I cannot believe its the end of March already.
Here are my closet edits:

Pink tank top from Zara, deo stains never look good.

Two tops, one from Happy Bunny the other Sailor top by Zig 
and two piyamas.

My printed pink top from H&M. 
I kept tugging on it, bra strap was always showing.

Long Brown suede Creations skirt.
I was never happy on how it looked and 
just gave up on it.

Yellow feather headband.
I love it but I remembered why I never wear it a 
few weeks ago: it's so tight I could not think !

A long lost black Givenchy reintroduced into rotation,
and then ruined.

9 items gone.

In March I bought..

I had been staying away from the mall.

Until I caved.. this month I purchased:
White "You are weird, I like you" tshirt form Zara 10.68 USD

Red flats from Stradivarius 23.54 USD

Zara black jumper for 18.18 USD and 
Zara black trousers also for  18.18 USD

A black mesh and crystal bracelet for 2.15 USD.

A rhinestone headband for an upcoming wedding 
in mid April.

My March total is 56.68 USD

Evoking 2011

I thought it would be a good idea to put together an 
outfit similar to a 2011 one.

Flower print skirt Tracy Evans - Purple top Speechless  - Black patent shoes Zara - Black tote Michael Kors
So I went back and looked at how this skirt had been worn before.

I noted that I'd liked how it looked with a purple top 
that I am about to get rid of.

So, for good old times sake, I thought they could do one last dance.

And voilá.. today's outfit came together.

Oh, and here´s a glimpse of how it was worn in 2011.

Blue flowers

In my attempt to wear what I already own, 
today my accessories' have one thing in 
common: blue flowers.
Blue klein trousers Forever 21 - Beige top George
One blue headband to keep my uncontrollable hair in place.

Blue rose leather ring from Argentina
And blue rose ring, to play with all day.

Nude pumps Sam Edelman 
Happy Monday !

At the Museum

I can see this building from where I live.

It's a museum designed by famed architect Frank Gehry.

White shorts Larry Levine - White "You're weird I like you" tshirt Zara - White sunglasses Kate Spade - Black flats Sam Edelman 
I finally paid a visit this weekend.

I loved how the building looks on the outside and its marvellous colours.

For me, the best part of going to museums is the learning experience !

Guilty pleasures

Guilty pleasures…
we all have them.

White shorts Larry Levine - Purple top Speechless - Green flats - Straw bag 
One of mine is going for ice cream, specifically hazelnut and 
chocolate chunks ice cream.

Luckily - or not really - depends on how you look at it - I live a street
away from the ice cream shoppe that has my favourite.

So we walked there today as an excuse to walk the dog.

                                                             Textile bracelet self made

DO you have a guilty pleasure ?

On my night stand...

I am currently reading the Old Man and the Sea.

Blue stripe jean dress DKNY - White blazer Monteau - Textile pin Argentina - Red flats Stradivarius - Grey bag 
I feel terrible to admit this, but I had never read anything 
from Hemingway.

I thought this would be a good start.

“Now is no time to think of what you do not have. 
Think of what you can do with what there is.” 
― Ernest HemingwayThe Old Man and the Sea

Past work

Sometimes, it feels like it was in another life.

Printed trousers Wild Girl - Printed white tshirt Zara 
But it was just other jobs.

Black blazer Nine West - Red pumps Melissa - Grey bag 
I've worked in military and federal environments,

insurance, advertising, customer service.. 

 The beauty mass market, shoes and bag design industries.

I've learned so much and come across some amazing people...

I'd do it all over  ;)


One of my hobbies is philately.

Jeans Liz Claiborne - Printed top H&M - White blazer Monteau - Innovativi wedges - Black bag Givenchy
Before I use to dedicate a lot of time to it, but lately not so much.
It's truly a different way of learning about the world.

Swarovski mother of pearl necklace
Are you into stamp collecting ?

Forgotten Givenchy

I feel so guilty when I come across an item
I have not worn in … years.

Brown and gold bow top Mossimo - Gold tone vintage earrings Chanel 
This time around it was from the bag department.

Black pencil skirt Apt. 9 - Nude heels Sam Edelman
My black Givenchy handbag had not been worn ever, 
during the last six years.

It's been so long since it has seen the light of day, 
I am considering calling it "vintage".

I don't know how I have overlooked it for so long.

Maybe it was because it was in a trunk, in its dustbag with other bags..

You know how they say "out of sight, out of mind".

If it would only apply to people..

Go to gifts..

For specific celebrations,
I have "go-to-gifts".

Black dress Diane von Furstenberg - Black flats Sam Edelman - Grey bag
For example, if a child is born, 
 or a Christening is coming up…

The odds are I will be buying perfume.

Something light, delicate, with no alcohol content.
I've found that it's something most 
people do not give.

For bridal showers, its always a card with cash.
I've seen the most absurd things being given as a gift
for a bride to be - I  mean, really you're starting a new life..
why would you want Post its ?

How about you ?

What are your go-to-gifts ?