My February Closet Edits

Another closet edit.
Here's what's out in February.

My Pretty Good brand dress.

Grey NYC Collection dress, I love the dress but I must admit its 
really short - worn at least 4 times on the blog - it's time to go.

Purple top, no brand.
I have no idea how this top escaped all
monthly closet edits.

A Forever 21 degrade top and my Zara scarf print top.
Originally these were not going to be given away,
however I found myself in a situation where a person
was in need.

The same for this black top, I gave it away
because someone else could make way better use of it.

This brown and green top by Jonathan Martin was
ill fitting and rarely worn.

Pink Talbots printed button down shirt.
It was a hand me down that was always a little big.

Gold gladiator sandals by Follies, I must
have them since about 2010, yet only have record 
of wearing them about 3 times.
I always felt a little like a Roman soldier in them.

Black Jessica Simpson flats, purchased December 2013 on sale
for 19.99 USD, worn 20 times - got me a good cost per wear.

Black Geox flats, a bad investment - even on sale.

Wild girl flats, also purchased in December 2013 for 2.99 USD.
Wore them about 4 times and then they fell apart.

The extra large pearl hoops were a purchase from a 
while ago, I never really wore them and also decided to
give them to someone who might wear them more than I.

My yellow Tous bear earrings.
I wore them a few days ago and during the day catches a 
glimpse of them on the mirror and automatically thought 
"I'm giving these away!"

My bronze H&M wrap belt. worn during 2011-2012.
Worst quality ever, it literally just fell apart.
Here's what it looked like when new:

Also in the bag, my brown stretch belt, worn at least 4 times.
The metal darkened and the plastic began to peel off.

Also gone is my brown Liz Claiborne wallet.
A couple of days ago I glanced at it and noted
it was in really bad shape.

One last thing not pictured, another set of pjs.

In February, 18 items less.

Shopping in February

In the month of February a few things 
went in the closet.
An interesting mix of thrift,
crafts market and online shopping.

First runner up was this white linen Portsaid dress, thrifted for 3.00 USD.

Online I purchased these white pearl like sunglasses from Kate Spade 
for 96.00 USD (shipping included).

On a crafts market I picked up these brown Habaneras sandals
for the sum of 18.00 USD.

On the same market I got a butter knife - turned bracelet for 7.00 USD

.. and the matching fish fork bracelet for another 7.00 USD.

Of course I could not avoid picking up 
two hand made straw hats - the small one for 5.00 USD
and the other for 9.00 USD.

Giving me a february total of 145.00 USD.

Brown suede skirt

This brown suede skirt was probably purchased sometime
during 2012, oddly I have no record of it.

Long brown suede skirt Creations - White button down shirt Forever 21
I've worn it a few times.

Brown stretch belt - Gold flats Nine West - Grey bag 
I love the softness of the fabric and the colour but
its a little tight and its very difficult for me to 
put together an outfit I like with it.

So this is yet another item going in the giveaway pile.

Here's how its been worn before:

2.2.15                                                4.4.12


I've seen several beautiful looks on the 2015 runways that include
maxi skirts, however they won't be in my runway.

Museum Guide

I had a long overdue date with my 99 year old great aunt.
DKNY Jeans - Neon yellow top Fiory - Striped flats Nine West 
I had promised to take her to the museum.

Grey bag - White sunglasses Kate Spade
So, today I was at the museum for three hours...

Which, I must admit - is my kind of fun ;)


I rarely do bright lipsticks.

Blue eyelet jacket Liz Claiborne - Jeans Liz Claiborne - Brown wedges Kenneth Cole Reaction -
Leopard print belt Vincent Camuto - White t shirt - Grey bag - White sunglasses Kate Spade

However today seemed like a good day to wear 
Chanel's Cambon #31.

Happy Tuesday !

Shirt from Cali

The shirt I am wearing today is 
over 12 years old.

It was purchased during a trip to Cali in Colombia.

Black and white shirt Emporium - Grey skirt Casual - Black patent shoes Zara - Grey bag 
I have worn it 4 times in 5 years and I am not loving it
today nor any of the other 3 times I have styled it on the blog.

Yet, it's been able to hide and remain as a part of my wardrobe…
that is until today.

2 Continents

I usually don't buy souvenirs.

Trousers Forever 21 - Yellow blouse LuckyCom - Silk flats - Grey bag 
I think they're tacky, specially those 
with the names of the place visited
printed on them.

So, I buy items I can wear instead of souvenirs. 

Yellow Tour bear earrings 
Today I put together souvenirs from two continents in an outfit.
The scarf from a Guatemalan crafts market and
the silk flats from Turkey.

Do you buy souvenirs ?

White flowers

The white flower necklace makes an appearance.

Black dress Diane Von Furstenberg - Black patent shoes Zara - Grey bag -
 White flower necklace Forever 21
It's another of those items, that are in the back
of the drawer, one of those rarely worn.

I've been weeding this drawer too.

Now, Im' asking myself if its worth keeping.

What do you say ?
Keep or let go ?

Getting rid of it

These last weeks, 
I have been doing a lot of reading on
minimalism living.

White jeans Polo Ralph Lauren - Printed pink button down shirt Talbots - Innovativi wedges
This has me looking around the house analysing what I do not use,
what I do not need.

Sunglasses Hello Kitty - Grey bag
I have been getting rid of vases, candle holders, 
pin up boards, things that are just laying around 
serving no real purpose.

Although I have no real intentions of becoming a
true minimalist, I do think that the reasoning is valid
and that there is a lot to learn.

Butterfly earrings
Just having more space is the best reward.

Overalls and button down

So not appropriately dressed for work. 

Mango Overalls Jeans - Blue print button down shirt Tommy Hilfiger -
Striped flats Nine West - Straw bag 
However these overalls were what I chose this morning. 

I gave myself the excuse that I did not have to see any customers today.

Nor were we expecting any visitors on site either.

Yes, I can be good at making excuses.