Armani Code Luna

I remember trying Armani Code Luna in an airport somewhere. 
As I walked the duty free stores filled with fragrances, I recall
seeing the spray girls promoting it.

I loved it. During my trip I tried it on at least 4 more times.
I was convinced, however I did not want to pay the full price.
I mean, who does ?

Finally, a few months back I went for it.
Its clean, fresh and floral with a hint of vanilla.
Even though I am comfortable with the scent, 
I have to admit that it does not last long and 
that the sillage is weak..


Closet Fashionista said...

Haha, funny how you like something so much and then don't want to actually buy it. I find myself in that situation a lot.
At least its a pretty bottle and as long as the scent lasts for a short time, that's good. (I always look on the bright side, hahA)

lorenabr said...

I use Armani as well, but I have to check the luna out!

Kim Alston said...

I'll have to try it!