August editions

Oh, yet another month of closet edits.

First up, a pair of Obsession leopard print flats.
These have been around since at least 2010,
worn on the blog about 15 times.
They're scuffed and ready for retirement.

Animal print Obsession flats 
Then there is a pair of white Grendha flip flops.
They were a hand me down that I am handing down
because they are half a size too big for me.

White Grendha flip flops
Also leaving is a Da Moda white tank top purchased in 
August 2011 for 6.99 USD.
This item has only been worn about 3 or 4 times
and it has a hole in it.... I love the fabric
but I cannot walk around wearing something with a hole.

Da Moda by Periority white tank top

I cannot place a date on this pink cardigan, however I do
know it is over 8 years old. It is faded and there seem to be
rust stains on the fabric.
Estefania pink cardigan

JouJou Journey
Another top I am letting go of is this black mesh top which was a hand me down. I was never fully comfortable wearing it and even though it looked ok
it was not my style.

White blouse with bow at the neck from Divided by H&M
Another item that had to go was my white blouse from Divided by H&M.
It was no longer white, it had always been 2 sizes too big and now
it had small specs of what might be rust.

Another hand me down items that are now being handed down 
are these dresses- both are French Chic Filles in brown and red polka dot . 
I like how they look but they're not comfortable and the slip is 
always riding up, I really cannot continue to wear them.
I must accept they are too small for me.

Chic Fille red polka dot dress
My vintage dress is also leaving.
I gave this edit a lot of thought as this dress was custom made for my
great aunt who is getting to 90 years old- she gave it to me last year.
I adore the fabric and the shape but it does not fit well.
 I took it to 3 seamstresses and they all said it could not be altered.
It's too tight for me and there is no fabric in the inseam.

 I did wear it once with a blazer.
So, I am letting go. 

Vintage print dress
I have been wearing my headbands ( I have a box full)
and this one I could not stand to wear over 2 hours.
I guess it was meant for a child's head.. and not mine :(

White Tous bear headband

In August: 10 items were edited.

Oh and guess what.... no purchases this month !

Silver lining

For a night out with friends heels and jeans seemed 
like the way to go.
Gap jeans - Vintage silver sequin stretch belt - 
It was kind of funny and flattering that I saw a lot of women
stop and stare at my shoes... which are actually replicas
of a pair one of the gals from Sex and the City wore.
However I bought them because I liked them.

White top with embellishment Forever 21 - Grey shoes Hypnotic 
Before, if this happened to me (someone staring at something I wore)
it would have totally freaked me out - now, I don't mind and even
kinda like it :)


Waiting isn't living...

Forever 21 Trousers - Tommy Hilfiger Sweater - Vera Wang Lavender black flats - H&M Scarf
This is a quote I've had in my mind for some time now...
Multiple black heart rings Forever 21
Thought I'd share it with you today :)

Museum Cocktail

I love to attend the
receptions held at the local museum.

Anne Klein white pocket dress -
Black heels  Christian Siriano for Payless Shoes 
Sometimes I think of what drives people
to go to these events.

For some it's the social part,
others the food, show support for the host... 
for me it's the opportunity to learn something new.

One of those

It was one of those long days.

Anne Klein skirt  - Black button down shirt -
Black Daniblack shoes
I got home a little after 9:00 pm,
after I got out of school - right then,
I remembered I had not taken my 
outfit picture.

So, I took it and then immediately took my shoes off...
Yep, one of those days.


My chevron dress makes an appearance once again.

Chevron dress Isaac Mizrahi for Target - Red bow belt Forever 21 - Red heels Bievel

I've had it since 2009 and have worn it only 3 times since then,
well now 4 :)

Something about this dress gives me a fake vintage feel..

Matryoshka earrings and red bow belt Forever 21
I realize that I do not wear it often because there is something about the fit 
I am not too convinced about. 
So I googled the dress hoping to find others wearing it and I must confess 
that this dress is awesome on Alyssa here

It was a reminder, that at the end, it is all about the fit.


Today I decided to wear my vintage Lanvin dress.

Vintage Lanvin dress - Red bow belt Forever 21 - Bievel red shoes
It was a purchase off e-Bay from a few years ago.

It's one of those items I had forgotten existed in my closet.

I was happy to take it out for a spin....
and in case you're wondering why I look
so puzzled in these pictures, well I have no idea!

Pedro's birthday

We went out to a birthday dinner and
I thought I'd sport a similar look to the
one from People Style Watch June 2013 edition.

I left the house thinking I looked like the above but instead I looked
like below....

Printed trousers Zara .- White top embellished cuffs Forever 21 - Brown sandals Kenneth Cole Reaction
Sometimes inspired by looks work, sometimes they don't.

Bling top

When I saw my white long sleeve top with
sparkly cuffs it automatically reminded me of
the Sparkle feature in the April 2013 InStyle issue.

While I am certain it can be used for a night out, I decided to wear it the
simplest way possible: jeans and flats.

Forever 21 white embellished top - Jeans Unionbay - Zara silver flats
Which worked just fine for my day, which basically
consisted of assisting to 3 birthdays.

Hello Kitty watch
Yes, I know what you are thinking:
3 presents.

Blanco y negro

Blanco y negro are words in Spanish
that mean: white and black.

Black and white print shirt Miss Cocoa - Black trousers -
Black pumps Moleca 
It's a combination I use to wear a lot.

Black cardigan H&M
While I still do wear it, I do realize that there
are many options out there and have since then
incorporated more color into my outfits.

However I must confess it's a go to when I need simple,
classic and centered - something that totally works
when I need to give a training and keep people focused on
what's important: my product.

Snake print

I grabbed my snake print cardigan before rushing out the door...

Beige Insight Trousers - White button down shirt Antilia Femme - Snake print cardigan Cable & Gauge -
Black pumps Bata 
Did you know snakes don't have eyelids ?
Yes, I figured you could not live another day
without that piece of information :)

Lazy dresser

It wasn't until I uploaded the pictures that I realized
that I had done an all grey monochromatic look.
Mango MNG grey dress - Jessica Simpson snake print wedges 
The best part was that it was sooo easy.

I know what you're thinking....

Hello Kitty watch

"What a lazy dresser"- it's ok, I don't mind, 
I can live with it.


I've been staying up late working on school assignment 
related to nomophobia.

Printed trousers Zara - Black and white top Forever 21 - Daniblack shoes
I knew nothing about nomophobia before this assignment.

I had no idea whatsoever that there was a word to describe the fear 
of not having access to your cel phone.
Interesting huh ?
DO you think you might suffer from nomophobia ?


Every now and then when I browse magazines I realise that when 
I was in kindergarten I was not taught all of the existing colours.

Flipping through the InStyle May 2013 issue I came across 
a colour called Wedgwood, which in my head looks a lot like periwinkle.

Periwinkle cut top Forever 21 - Beige Insight trousers - Innovativi wedges
The word comes from the blue Wedgwood- color of the well known 
18th century pottery (there's also a green Wedgwood) and it was a colour 
seen much in the 1980s - apparently it's been trying to make a comeback...

Vintage pearl collar 

Well whatever the origin of this colour it seemed like a good idea to 
pair it with beige as the magazine indicated...

 and that's how today's outfit came together.


I try to take good care of my stuff.

I know people who lose things all the time: keys, money, clothes -
I associate this with carelessness, no appreciation, clumsiness..
which are all words that I rather stay away from.

So you can only imagine how upset I was after I realised that
I could not find something I was looking for.
I have been searching for a month now and I think I
will have to declare them officially lost...
I still have hope they're just misplaced.

My pair of Michael Kors sunnies recently featured here.

Do you misplace things ?


As soon as I read the words "Metallic gladiators" I silently thought:

Because yes, I own a pair - one I don't wear a lot but that sits in my closet. 

Image via InStyle issue May 2013
So I wore them to run a few errands on Saturday and
paired them with a dress.

Striped dress no brand - Gold metallic gladiator sandals Follies 
I am not that into them and I figured it's because they tie 
at the ankle which makes me look shorter than I already am.

However I must admit they are comfortable.
I think I need wear these shoes more. 


I wish I had it in me to be able to politely insult people.

H&M printed top and trousers - Black flats Sam Edelman - Black cardigan Belldini
A little asteism never hurt anyone.

I usually either hold it in or let go in a not very polite way.

Gold tone necklace and giraffe and elephant rings Forever 21


ăs’tē-ĭz”əm (n.) An ingeniously polite insult

3 leopards

I love leopard print as much as any other blogger.

Blue Sculpture trousers - Liz Claiborne leopard print top - Anne Klein print flats -
Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction - Leopard print belt Vince Camuto
Today I went a little bezerk as I just kept on adding the 
leopard print on my outfit.

After I was done I realized that I was wearing 3 leopard printed items.

Can you identify them ?