August editions

Oh, yet another month of closet edits.

First up, a pair of Obsession leopard print flats.
These have been around since at least 2010,
worn on the blog about 15 times.
They're scuffed and ready for retirement.

Animal print Obsession flats 
Then there is a pair of white Grendha flip flops.
They were a hand me down that I am handing down
because they are half a size too big for me.

White Grendha flip flops
Also leaving is a Da Moda white tank top purchased in 
August 2011 for 6.99 USD.
This item has only been worn about 3 or 4 times
and it has a hole in it.... I love the fabric
but I cannot walk around wearing something with a hole.

Da Moda by Periority white tank top

I cannot place a date on this pink cardigan, however I do
know it is over 8 years old. It is faded and there seem to be
rust stains on the fabric.
Estefania pink cardigan

JouJou Journey
Another top I am letting go of is this black mesh top which was a hand me down. I was never fully comfortable wearing it and even though it looked ok
it was not my style.

White blouse with bow at the neck from Divided by H&M
Another item that had to go was my white blouse from Divided by H&M.
It was no longer white, it had always been 2 sizes too big and now
it had small specs of what might be rust.

Another hand me down items that are now being handed down 
are these dresses- both are French Chic Filles in brown and red polka dot . 
I like how they look but they're not comfortable and the slip is 
always riding up, I really cannot continue to wear them.
I must accept they are too small for me.

Chic Fille red polka dot dress
My vintage dress is also leaving.
I gave this edit a lot of thought as this dress was custom made for my
great aunt who is getting to 90 years old- she gave it to me last year.
I adore the fabric and the shape but it does not fit well.
 I took it to 3 seamstresses and they all said it could not be altered.
It's too tight for me and there is no fabric in the inseam.

 I did wear it once with a blazer.
So, I am letting go. 

Vintage print dress
I have been wearing my headbands ( I have a box full)
and this one I could not stand to wear over 2 hours.
I guess it was meant for a child's head.. and not mine :(

White Tous bear headband

In August: 10 items were edited.

Oh and guess what.... no purchases this month !


Kim Alston said...

Maybe you can give those dresses to someone. It's ashame they're too small. At least all of the other things you wore well :D

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I love Headbands. I didn't know you had that many. I loved the Vintage Dress & the Red Polka Dotted one. And girl no shopping for you in August? WOW. I have gone crazy with my Shopping this Summer. =)