Cavalli Oro

This is my personal favorite from
Roberto Cavalli Fragrances: ORO.
Oro means "gold" and the 
fragrance has been around for a while but
for me it has not lost its charm.

The box is like a treasure chest.
I keep it in the box because the bottle in so long and thin, 
it does not seem very stable to be in my dresser.
It just looks frail and I think it would probably fall and break.
The bottle has a gold matte plastic snake at the top 
which can later one be used to keep your scarf in place.

ORO is an oriental perfume that lets everyone know you have arrived.
It is strong, feminine and lasts all day.
It's a perfume I can only imagine a Goddess wearing
So, it's kind of uplifting to wear, its almost like
spraying on confidence !


Meekay said...

The bottle looks really special and different!

Style Sud-Est said...

That is really different, love that you can use the plastic snake for scarfs, clever idea!

I have tagged you ! go see my blog

Ariane xxx

LyddieGal said...

wow, that sounds amazing - and such pretty packaging!

Chic on the Cheap

Elegance Personified said...

I had never seen it or heard about it but with such advertising, now I am going to look for it and buy it myself. Nothing like a great parfume, it says so much about the woman wearing it. =)