Why it does not work

I give a lot of thought to closet editing.
Maybe more than I should.

One of the things I take into consideration before giving a garment away 
is how many times I have worn it. 
Thanks to the blog, I can now track that.

For example, this shirt from Charlotte Russe, which I purchased on line and 
which I gave away last month.

I remember when I bough it, I loved the pattern and also the 
tassel detail on the sleeves and on the bottom.

I bought it for about 25.00 USD plus shipping.

This was about 4 or 5 years ago...
Worn over the last 3 years only 4 times,
 however I never loved how it looked.

Nov 2012                              03.07.2011                                          02.11.2009

It was only last month when I wore it last that I stopped 
to look back at how it had been worn.

It was not easy to wear as I found it difficult to combine 
with any other color than brown or blue jeans. 

The elastic band was placed in the middle - but their middle was not 
my middle, so it just looked off and I usually tugged on it all day long.

A garment that needs constant adjusting is 
not something you want in your closet.

Hopefully the lesson I learned here is that nothing with an elastic in the middle 
will look flattering on me, also I need to double think clothes purchases on line.

What are your do's and don'ts when it comes to buying clothes ?

Are there any particular items you stay away from ?


Milex said...

My love!

Lisa said...

oh......I had a very pretty green wrap dress that I had to adjust constantly. I wore it on my long day at the university and by midday I couldn't wait to go home and get out of that dress!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

I can understand that. I stay away from ruffles on top (large chest) and bold stripes.