Product review: Valentino's Rock 'n Rose

I had wanted to wear this perfume for a while, so I finally did.

It's the second time I wear a fragrance from Valentino.
The perfume is as close as I can get to this designer :)
Even though I feel it's light, happens that it's recommended for "evening wear".
It's supposed to have bergamot, rose, gardenia and vanilla - which I smell nothing of.
It's a pleasant fragrance but not long lasting.
I don't feel a connection here, this is not one I would wear again.


Anonymous said...

Well that's a bummer. I keep sampling new things, and I like them for the first few minutes, but then I'll catch a whiff later in the day and realize it's just not me.

Interesting how you described it as 'a connection'. I get that.

Emma said...

That is a bummer! I appreciate the reviews though, you are helping the rest of us make good buying decisions.

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

shame you didn't like it, fragrances always smell different on different people. I hope you find the perfect fragrance soon :)

Love, Vanilla

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I feel that way about Vera Wang's Princess. I fought it because I hate wearing scents that everyone is wearing and then finally last year I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. Only, it lasted all of an hour or two and the dry down period was checmically (like Chanel) but stayed that way. UGH!.

drollgirl said...

your review made me laugh.

i rarely connect with perfume -- not enough to buy it. my favorite TO-DIE-FOR perfume was discontinued years ago (a jasmine scent from L'Occitone). i am so bitter...still! i want that scent back! i never seem to find one that comes close to smelling as divine as that one did. wah.