June´s Closet Edits

I do not have a way of formally doing closet edits
I usually consider removing it from my closet after I have 
worn it one last time.
I do not do this intentionally. 
For example, a few weeks back I went out to the rainforest
(yes rainforest) scouting for a location for an event at work.
It rained, I got my feet wet and when I got home
I realized how bad in shape my shoes were, so now
they are out of the closet:
These Kenneth Coles were a good companion
for many places however they really can't be worn any more.

Other times it's just me getting tired of an item.
These shoes have been around for at least 5 years, I wear them sometimes but
I don't love them and after wearing them for a few hours 
they are not as comfortable as they started out to be, so now these shoes are also leaving the closet premises.

Then there was a belt that I have only worn two or three times.
I took it out to wear it once more and realized that it was badly scuffed, 
so out the door it went.

Then two bags: my Urban Expressions bag that literally fell apart. 
The other was my Liz Claiborne bright yellow bag which I dearly loved.

I had placed this yellow bag in the donation bag many times before, but usually ended  up taking it out and wearing it, even though it was badly scuffed.
Not this time, it is now formally out the door.

Finally the Style & Co. fuchsia cropped jacket.

Some edits take longer than others, this piece is a good example.
In the almost 2 years I have had this blog, it has been out about 6 times:

I did "inspired by" looks with it, tried pairing it with skirts, then tried it with dresses but did not like how it looked. I honestly tried.
Honestly tried with the idea that I would fail.
Since at this point I really don't feel it, 
after a few attempts at wearing it, it's time to let go.
I hope someone gets to wear the hell out of it :o)

Do you have a hard time letting go ?


Kathya Stryzak said...

Buen dia lore...este cinturon es fashion..las carteras divinas!!!

Shybiker said...

I'm the same way. I don't tell my clothes to leave, they tell me. When they're either worn out or not making me happy, they volunteer to jump in the garbage-can. Otherwise, stuff stays in my closet.