No matter how bad of a day it has been ...
when Vanilla & Marshmallow greet me at the door
with their high jumps, loud barks and waggling tails
I have to smile.

How could I not ?

Tommy Hilfiger jeans - Lacoste striped button down shirt - Fuchsia Lacoste cardigan -
Palladium shoes - Yellow Arena Milano bag

My favorite part is that after I smile, they smile back.

I know that dogs supposedly do not smile. 
But, it's not true. They do.
Not only do they love you just for being there
but they have the most sincere smile in the world !


Kathya Stryzak said...

Buenas tardes Lore..tus bb´s hermosos!!
mirando tu ropa tengo envidia..aca hace un frioooooo


Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

So cute!!! My dog does the same, it really cheers you up :) Love your bag too by the way :)

Love, Vanilla

Shybiker said...

I know what you mean: my dog Juno used to greet me the same way. It's wonderful how happy they are to see us.

And you read my mind about hair! I've been wanting to try longer, lighter-colored hair.

For a while, I stayed away from changing my hair because I don't want to draw too much attention to the fact that I wear a wig, but now I think people can accept it. Of course, everyone knows I do wear one; I just didn't want to have a different hairstyle every day and look silly. Thanks for the encouragement: I'm starting to look for this!

Delane said...

Oh Dogs smile. Addison smiles then starts snapping her jaw ..its the best part of my day.

drollgirl said...

love your colors!

and your dogs are so cute! there is no love like the pet love. one of my cats makes me laugh every single day. and the other one is such a treat to pet and cuddle -- it kind of makes me lose my mind each time i do it. the pets bring a lot of joy, for sure!

VildesVerden said...

Oh, they are so cute!!

Bombshellicious said...

I so love your dogs ... and I totally agree whenIm sad or whatever my dogs totally cheer me up xx

Judy C said...

I think some dogs smile with both their mouths and their tails. Mine does. Great blog.