Playful.... or not.
After work I get home and do not want to do anything.

Zara brown skirt and belt  - Forever 21 white ruffle tank -  Eileen Fisher lavender cardigan -
 Baci shoes  - Arena Milano yellow bag 

I get home and just want to relax.

But before I do that I have to play, at least a little with 
Vanilla and Marshmallow.

Tous - like earrings 

They are playful 24/7, they are never tired.

Vanilla                                                Marshmallow

Well now that I think of it, they are so full of energy because they sleep all day !


I have heard it a million times.
I still do: "brush you hair".

Levis Jeans - MNG top - Modern Amusement jacket 
For some reason my hair never stays in place. 
It always looks messy.

Innovativi wedges - burgundy bag

mess·y  (ms)
adj. mess·i·ermess·i·est
1. Disorderly and dirty: a messy bedroom.
2. Exhibiting or demonstrating carelessness: messy reasoning.
3. Unpleasantly difficult to settle or resolve: a messy court case.

By now, I have accepted it: my hair is difficult to
control, so I pull it back in a pony tail to avoid it from looking so messy.
(sometimes that doesn't work!)

However I am still trying to accept Vanilla and Marshmallow's messy hair.

I cannot understand HOW - going to the pet salon all Saturdays
they manage to look like this on a Wednesday morning.

Marshmallow & Vanilla 

Well, maybe they have the same question for me....


No matter what, Vanilla & Marshmallow are always hungry.

Cato black jean trousers - Turquoise Forever 21 skinny belt - pink tank top -
 bright orange red lasercut Zara top - Michael Kors heels - Junction West cardigan - burgundy bag

hun·gry  (hnggr)
adj. hun·gri·erhun·gri·est
1. Experiencing a desire or need for food.
2. Extremely desirous; avid: hungry for recognition.
3. Characterized by or expressing hunger or craving: hungry eyes.
4. Lacking richness or fertility: hungry soil.

ioblu butterfly ring - Hello Kitty silver earrings and pendant 

Hungry for food and hungry for attention.
They usually have Science Diet dog food, the occasional dog snack
and then some: chayote, mango, tomatoes, bread and almost anything 
you give them - well they do not like carrots. 

Vanilla                                                                  Marshmallow 

If it wasn't for the hair I'd think they were goldfish, 
well maybe they are reincarnated goldfish...

And speaking of hungry, now I am hungry too :(


Today I felt so sleepy.

Twenty One dress - pink tank top - Qupid wedges - Burgundy bag 


  adj , sleepier, sleepiest 
1 inclined to or needing sleep; drowsy 
2 characterized by or exhibiting drowsiness, sluggishness, etc. 
3 conducive to sleep; soporific 
4 without activity or bustle 

Vanilla and Marshmallow seemed to be in the same "sleepy mode".


The only difference is that they got to stay home and sleep all day, 
while I had to go to work.


Oh, a dog's life !

Weekend colors

A weekend full of color....

DKNY black jeans - Tank top Logic - Franco Sarto orange loafers - Necklace from Mexico

Blue sculpture pants - Orange lasercut Zara top - Qupid wedges - purple patent belt

Red Old Navy jeans - Brown belt - MNG colorful top - Yellow bag Milano - Zapatinho de luxo beige flats

Oh Vintage !

Vintage sets you apart.
It adds distinction and depth to whatever you are wearing.
Vintage is different.

I appreciate vintage and jumped with joy after opening
this box, a gift from my 80+ year old great aunt. 
She is my vintage fairy and a classy one too.

She lived in New York and sometimes in the 60's she 
bought this earring, necklace and bracelet set.
I am going to ask her what store she got it from, as I am certain 
she remembers, she has a really good memory.

It's from a company that no longer exists that had some 
interesting pieces, it was called Florenza.

I am totally in love with it. The bracelet is my favorite.

What is the most recent vintage item that has come into 
your home or closet ?

Friday flower

Throughout this week I have been showing you the 
flowers that grow in my tiny balcony.

Levi's jeans - white tank - Style & Co. fuchsia cropped jacket - Tsubo yellow peep toe shoes - Burgundy clutch
I have more plans for this tiny balcony. 
I plan to plant more flowers, hang some pots and even grow a herb garden.
It's all about taking that first step and hope that Vanilla and Marshmallow don't
eat them, dig them up or drag them into the living room. It's happened before -

In the meantime, here is my white flower.
It's also a vine and it is climbing up the wall !
I think it's also a thumbergia, very similar to the thumbergia fragans
with the difference that it does not actually have a scent.

So, that's it for this week.
It is finally friday.
Flower Friday !

Hello heliconias !

I never thought these heliconias would survive in my balcony.
They were a gift and I have had them for about 3 years.
They flower about once a year and the flower lasts for over a month !

This one has actually been hanging there for about two months...

Rachel Roy dress - Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote - Innovativi wedges  - vintage earrings and bracelet

Happy Thursday !

Periwinkle or Vincas...

I feel   felt like a total moron.
Here I am so proud of having a few flowers growing in my balcony 
and now I realize I do not even know their names.  until now I know the name.
(Thank you Anonymous!)

DKNY black jeans - Nine West loafers - MNG t shirt & necklace - Neiman Marcus fuchsia tote

Well, these are my flowers and they bloom all year.
I know their common name in spanish but not the actual name, 
do you know by any chance ? and now know they are called
periwinkles or vincas !

Anyways, today we had to do some outdoors "site seeing" which 
is the reason I am in jeans and a hat.

Vanilla jumped in at the photo op - she was happy and giving you her 
best angle.

Me, well -  I just cannot wait until it's finally friday.
Yes, it's one of THOSE weeks.

Another altered dress...

I love vintage.
Which means when I find something I like,
if it's not my size- which is most of the time - I have to make adjustments.
Most of the time I wear items in their original state the first time and on the "field" realize what needs to be done.
I wore this dress a few months back and then took it to the seamstress for some slight alterations.
Instead of what I had in mind (sew in a little at the sides) the seamstress recommended I open the neck area.
So I skipped the sides and had her open up the neck area.
So, it went from this:

To this:

The slight change it positive, but I still feel that the dress
needs to be adjusted in the sides because it feels a little lose.

So, I will be taking it to the seamstress again.
Sometimes garments go to the seamstress 4 times before I
finally get that fit I want.