Walking Oscar Freire

I have been in Sao Paulo before.
With each visit I get to see a little bit more of this huge city that
has a population of 11 million... and counting.
Las time I was here I stayed in Avenida Paulista and
even rode the metro.
This time I stayed in Rue Oscar Freire, which happens
to be, according to many Brazilians, the place
where "it all happens" - in terms of fashion.

Valisere lingerie store
Although my pictures are not transmitting the message, I must admit
that there were some awesome stores and windows in the area.
There was even a store that had a huge fish tank in the window. 
Dumond shoes and leather goods store

Something that I was able to see with my own eyes was the fact that
On my short stay I saw a commercial being filmed, a store opening with blogger appearances, a guy dressed up as a woman interviewing
people on the street and a famous Brazilian hair stylist being interviewed.

TUFI DUEK window
Also on this street I saw the highest Chanel bag concentration ever.
Forget any other place, seriously this was
never seen before - well at least for me.
I also saw brands that I had never seen before ...

However I did see the usual brand's flagship stores:
Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade, Mont Blanc...
The thing with Brazil in general is that if something costs 50.00 USD in
the US in Brazil you will pay 150.00 USD.
This outrageousness is due to the fact that they make a great effort in protecting their local production by having the highest import taxes in the area.

I was able to walk the Rua Oscar Freire really early in the morning, at noon for lunch and at night - so I got a glimpse of it at various times a day....
I certainly know that this is not the real Brazil, I am aware that this is the Brazil of "the happy few".


KATHY said...

Hola!! realmente amo esta calle en Sampa..beijos Lore

LyddieGal said...

Wow, that markup is crazy! I guess, should I ever be so lucky to find myself in Brazil, I'll know not to plan on making it a shopping trip.
I'm sure there would be plenty more to do... :)

Judy C said...

I'll bet the Chanel buyers are also travelers. To cheaper countries.