Havaianas anyone ?
Before I even begin, I would love to know IF YOU know this brand ?

I have seen this brand on some US magazines ads and editorials.
I personally think they are just plastic flip flops  -
something I am not a huge fan of.
The fact is I adore shoes, however have less than 3 pairs of flip flops and these are usually worn to the salon for my pedicure, around the house, the beach and very seldom to another place.
However this is a great marketing case!

This is the Havaiana store in Oscar Freire street.
It's huge, gorgeous and open, like a street market.
Happens not too long ago Havaianas were the cheapest "shoe" available in Brazil and were only consumed by the very poor.
They were sold in baskets in all types of stores and sometimes in the streets.
The brand then decided to make a radical change: take a plain and functional product- a plastic flip flop- and
make it a desireable and fashionable brand... and so they did!
One of the first things they did as I mentioned,
was to disregard that it was a functional shoe and
based their strategy on other attributes.

They have flip flops targeted for tourist as the ones that
read "Brasil" above - they also have tiny ones for toddlers
that have attractive characters on them.

They upgraded their in store merchandising, keeping some of the straw baskets but also adding other elements.
They added simple things such as being able to design your own Havaianas.
As you can see on the picture below, a rotating disk allows you to imagine  hundreds of combinations to personalize your flip flop.
Not only do you get to chose how thick your flip flops are, but also the colors  and you get to add charms and make it your own design.
 They have flip flops for all budgets.
Some start at about 7.00 USD and others
as the one below that go up to 360.00  reales, about 180.00 USD.

To me it's amazing how they have turned a simple plastic flip flop !
into desirable "Havaianas".


Jenava said...

They have been very trendy here in the states for a couple of years now. Mostly with teenagers (who wear flip flips all summer long anyway, and even sometimes in the winter!).

LyddieGal said...

My friend got a pair of swarovski crystal covered havaianas as a gift from her boss -- the store she works at sells them for over $100.
Crazy, I'll I can see is a boring plastic flip flop.

KATHY said...

amooooo!!! tengo unas vasta coleccion ..la ultima de coraciones..beijosss

Emma said...

This is a very interesting post. I have definitely heard of them from fashion magazines.

Delane said...

I have 4 pairs and love them. THey are sturdier than most other rubber flip flops.

Anita Mink said...

Does anyone know how I can purchase everything to design your own flip flops? There is not know store in my area that design your own flip flops in my area. Any info would be great. I am trying to start my own business.