Vanilla Award !

I got an award passed on to me
by the kind Vanilla !

Thank you Vanilla :)

I am terrible at passing on awards 
so I will go ahead and list 7 facts about me 
and ask YOU to tell me at least one thing about you
in the comments area :)

1. My favorite ice cream is chocolate with nuts.

2. I do not know how to make rice, I have tried though.

3. I do not like sushi.

4. I only drink coffee in the office or if it's cold.

5. I am not a fan of tattoos, my brother has a couple.

6. I love plants and taking care of them.

7. If I go into a casino I only spend 10.00 USD 
 - after that I walk away.
I KNOW that it's a business for 
them to make money, not for me to make money.


Biba said...

OK, I'll give it a go; I'll follow your lead:

1. My favourite ice cream flavour is anything with nuts - walnuts, pecan nuts... and perhaps some caramel on top.

2. I make yummy risottos approx. once a week.

3. I've never had sushi. Would love to, though.

4. I drink three - four cups of coffee a day (white; half cup coffee & half cup milk).

5. I don't like tattoos either.

6. I love plants but I've never been able to take care of them. They all 'die' in my care...

7. I've never been to a casino (even though there's one just round the corner from where I live).

Meli22 said...

hmmm. What can I tell you that's different that anything I have said before?

My favorite foods are sunflower seeds, blueberries, and chocolate cake.

I have no tattos, 1 piercing in each ear, and my belly button pierced. Not interested in anything else either.

I have terrible nails that splinter and are paper thin, which is why I never use nail polish.

Miss Emma Kitty said...

Sometimes on a Friday night if I am bored, me and my husband will eat jelly belly jelly beans and make a game out of guessing the flavors Lol.