Lieberster from Ada

My dear Ada from Elegance Personified
gave me a Liebester Award and
here are my answers:

1. Do you prefer your coffee black, with cream & sugar or just with sugar?
Cream and sugar. Many cups.

2. Do you plan on following any diets for 2013?
Yes, in fact I was at the nutritionist last week
and I am down 7 pounds.

3. What is your most favorite food that you can eat any day of the week?
Pasta. Gnocci.

4. Do you prefer Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

5. Do you have a Pinterest account? What do you usually pin?
Yes, I do.
I pin nail art, fashion and DIYs.

6. What are your favorite kinds of movies? 
Scary ones. Action.

7. You prefer Stripes or Polka Dots?
Polka polka polka-

8. Do you prefer Skirts & Dresses to Jeans & Pants or vice-versa?
In my head skirts and dresses.
In real life I gravitate towards jeans and pants.

9. What are your three Most Favorite Colors?
Beige. Dark blue.

10. Why should bloggers be true to themselves?
Because then you are not a blogger if you are not keeping it real, you become an actor.

11. Which three bloggers have given you the Most Inspiration from when you first started blogging & why?
I have to admit that I follow several blogs and have become friends with the ladies behind them.
However, the first blog that I can remember that 
made an impact was Kasmira from What I Wore 2Day.


Shybiker said...

Love your answer to question 10. So true.

drollgirl said...

down 7 lbs! that is super!!!

i think i lost 4, and i am pretty sure i put them back on with the stress of the last two weeks. UGH!

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

congratulations on your award. many of the answers to your questions are mine as well. love your response about being REAL.

Elegance Personified said...