Saturday Ghost

I did not realize how very pale 
I am until I downloaded the pictures...
J.Jill dress · Qupid wedges · Pagani bag · Tous silver earrings and pendant

I have a ghostly pale skin - that the military green tone
on the dress did not flatter.

I have always thought of this dress as a blank canvas to play with,
however today it was so hot that I just needed something
light and loose to get me through the day.

I am not a fan on the sun, so I guess I will remain being
the pale ghost I am...


Bombshellicious said...

I love the whole outfit I have to say Lorena xx

Shybiker said...

I don't think you're as pale in reality as you appear in these photos; I think that's merely the lighting. Many times lighting in pictures distorts reality. Your skin-tone is certainly normal.

Judy C said...

The outfit is pretty but what I really like is seeing you smile.