Product Review: Marc's Daisy

I started using DAISY Marc Jacobs perfume last week.
This is my first contact with anything Marc Jacobs related.
I adore the packaging, it's gorgeous!

I spray at least 6 times in the morning before going to
work and by 10:00 am it's gone.
Don't get me wrong, It smells really good -
 according to descriptions on line
it is "a feminine floral with creamy musks".
So far I can say it's a perfume with 
the feel of an eau de toilette -
meaning it is not long lasting or as you would 
expect a perfume to perform.


Vanilla said...

I hate it when the sent goes too fast, I agree though that the packaging is really beautiful :)

Love, Vanilla

Emma said...

At least the packaging is Beautiful! I have been wanting to try it for that reason lol.

Anonymous said...

I have Marc Jacobs Lola, which I think the sales associate referred to as "Daisy's sister", and it too fades quickly. Love it, but what's up with that?