Taking a flight home

Yes, it's time to get on that plane
 that takes me home.
7 for all Mankind jeans - Zara top - Missoni like scarf -
Brown jacket Drn Brn - Zapatinho de Luxo flats
Happens that I lost the key to open the lock to my suitcase.
I did not have the time to ask someone to open my lock, however
I did remember seeing this video,
This video shows you how to open your suitcase, with a pen.
So, yes I followed the instructions and opened my suitcase and then closed it back up to take my plane home...


LyddieGal said...

Well isn't that comforting?
Guess I won't bother with those little locks anymore.

I do love that shade of turquoise!
Have a safe flight!

Chic on the Cheap

Jenava said...

LOL...well, I guess it helps keep the zipper closed?

Emma said...

I Love your scarf!

Vanilla said...

Hope you have a good flight :)

Love, Vanilla

Judy C said...

I hope no baggage handlers have seen the video. I'l bet you will be glad to get home. No matter how nice the travel is, home always feels good.

drollgirl said...

lol! you are resourceful! and any two-bit hoodlum could have helped you get into that suitcase if you weren't so resourceful. then again, they might have helped themselves to you it's contents and your wallet, too!

p.s. so glad you liked that colbert/tea party video. he (stephen colbert) is SO FUNNY. he makes me laugh all the time!