Inspired by DKNY SPring 2011

I take forever to "ingest" magazines.
I can look at a magazine for days. Over and over.
The same pages, over and over.
Until I finally hear a "click" on what I would like
to copy and what I would not be caught dead wearing.
It's a process.
Anyways, I am getting today's inspiration 
from January's IN STYLE, DKNY SPring :

It seemed pretty simple to recreate as the colors were 
easily found in my closet.
I would have loved to have similar pants to those above,
but I am satisfied with the results.

Mary McFadden black trousers · White blouse · LOFT jacket · Italian Scarf · Melissa red shoes 

I think Marshmallow and Vanilla were also happy with the results
as they wanted to be in every picture.
Happy Monday !


Bombshellicious said...

You look lovely in this pic it really suits u. Was thinking of you whenI heard about the Japan earthquake hope all is well xx

Stacey said...

OMG!! I LOVE IT!! I think your version is better!!

Vanilla said...

I love this outfit :) you put things together SO well. Happy Monday!

Love, Vanilla

KATHY said...

ahhh lore!! que amor...
yo estou usando actulamente junto con pulseras...jejejeje

La Mary said...

Hija que bien lo haces!!! me gusta!!!
Y tus perritos son divinos.

Besitos guapa

Megan Mae said...

Fabulous pumps!

I hope you are able to participate in Stripes Week, if you do drop me another comment letting me know, and I'll add your name to the list.

Taylor said...

Love, love, love. So chic! The pumps are amazing!

Viv said...

beautiful chic outfit!

Kristen said...

I love the way you use magazines for inspiration. I see them, but the ideas fly out of my head as soon as I turn the page!

Angeline said...

This looks great! I love the colors you chose...very classy. I also love that your dog is named Marshamallow! LOVE!

Dorota said...

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Anonymous said...

Fantástica. Creo que te lo voy a copiar

Kisses from Spain